Winchester E-Tech Shotshells: Environmentaly Friendly 12-Gauge By: Patti Miller


Winchester Ammunition, the largest small caliber ammunition enterprise in the world, has expanded its line of environmentally friendly ammunition to include the E-Tech shotshell. The E-Tech shotshells use wads made from biopolymers that are said to be certified as home compostable.

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Winchester E-Tech Shotshells
Winchester Ammunition has expanded its line of environmentally friendly ammunition to include the 12-gauge E-Tech shotshells. These shells use a bio-polymer wad that performs like its plastic counterparts, with a lighter impact on the environment. [Photo credit: Winchester Ammunition]

Winchester, a leader in delivering innovative ammunition products for hunters and sport shooters alike, employs BioAmmo’s one-piece 4-petal shot wad in the E-Tech shotshells. The 4-petal bio-polymer wad produces uniform and consistent patterns, similar to the performance of plastic wads, giving uncompromising pattern performances. The E-Tech load is perfect for those shooters that want to limit the use of plastics in their shooting.

According to Winchester, The E-Tech loads have a consistent muzzle velocity with a high-integrity wad. The shells are engineered to withstand the extreme pressures and velocities when fired, and the expanding gases are tightly sealed by the bio-polymer over powder wads.

These plant-based bio-polymer wads will degrade, break down, and compost over time into the soil, reducing the shooter’s impact on the environment. The environmentally-friendly aspects of the round do not happen at the expense of performance. Additionally, the biopolymer wads have been engineered to match the plastic counterparts for reliable and effective performance on the target.

With Winchester’s dedication to its customers, these shotshells should meet the needs of competition, hunting, or sport shooting needs. The E-Tech is available in 12-gauge in two different sizes: a No. 7.5-lead shot and a No. 6-steel shot, with 25 rounds per box.

The Winchester E-Tech shotshells are a great addition for the shooter that wants to have a gentle impact on their surroundings. The E-Tech shotshells will be available soon but there is no official word on pricing just yet.