Mossberg Opens the Flood Gates with Several New Turkey Guns — SHOT Show 2023 By: Jeff Cramblit


Mossberg has jumped into turkey hunting with both feet this year offering a new optics-ready 940 Pro Turkey model, several SA models in sub-gauges, and model 500 pump guns as well.

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Most manufacturers advertise that a gun is optics-ready by drilling and tapping the receiver to accept a section of rail that an optic can be mounted on. But Mossberg has taken this to a whole new level.

Plate installed in optics space for non-optic use.

Mossberg milled the 940 to accept an RMSc mounting pattern red dot optic low in the rear of the receiver for a more natural height sight picture. This keeps the profile of the sight low, keeps it from snagging brush, and allows a standard cheek weld for proper shooting. Well done!

In addition, the 940 Pro Turkey has oversized controls, an 18.5 or 24” vent rib barrel, fiber optic front sight, an extra full turkey choke and it’s all camo’ed out in Mossy Oak Greenleaf so don’t set it down and walk away in the spring season.

XX Full choke and fiber optic front bead.

My first real shotgun was a model 500 Mossberg but they have certainly come a long way since then. The new Model 500 Turkey Optic-Ready is available in 20 or 410 and has the same optic-ready cutout in the receiver. The 20 gauge comes with a 22” barrel while the 410 sports a 24” vent rib barrel. Both have the same camo finish as the 940 Pro.

The 5+1 capacity 20 gauge or 410 Turkey with a good TSS load would be a great option for younger shooters or those just wanting to make those long beards a little more of a challenge. I personally use a 20 gauge and it works great with a heavy load of TSS.

Smaller 410 Optic-Ready Turkey only weighs 6 ¼ pounds.

Mossberg is also offering a semi-automatic SA sub-gauge series of turkey guns. I told you they had opened the floodgates.

The SA series guns are available in 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and 410 bore. They don’t have the latest milled receiver mounting for optics but they are drilled and tapped for rail mounting an optic. They are available in the Mossy Oak Greenleaf or Original Bottomland camo finishes.

SA Series Sub-gauge Turkey guns are available with a pistol grip or standard stocks.

For more information about all the Mossberg turkey guns and to choose the one you need, check them out HERE.

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