Desert Eagle Black Cherry: The Eye-Catching Deagle By: Kat Ainsworth


The Desert Eagle is one of the rare pistols with such a familiar aesthetic it’s easily recognized by almost everyone. Its unique design and solid, carefully crafted frame make it easy to spot in movies, pictures, and at the range, and its big-bore chamberings make it an effective tool. The latest offering in the Magnum Research Desert Eagle line is the Black Cherry, a durable handgun being produced in the classic 50 AE chambering and also in 44 Magnum. This is a gun that’s built to last and made to handle whatever task you put in front of it.

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desert eagle in black cherry
The latest color to join the Desert Eagle family is Black Cherry. (Photo credit: Magnum Research)

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX in Black Cherry is, like all Deagles, a semi-automatic pistol built on a frame that could easily be described as bombproof. In 50 AE the gun has a 7 +1 capacity and in 44 Magnum it’s 8 +1. The sheer bulk of the gun and the fact that it’s well-balanced significantly mitigates felt recoil and muzzle rise, making this an accurate platform that can be a great deal of fun to run.

desert eagle in black cherry
The gun is available in either 50 AE or 44 Magnum. (Photo credit: Magnum Research)

Features of the Black Cherry Desert Eagle include a Picatinny rail, which is fantastic for adding optics, and aggressive serrations to facilitate racking the slide smoothly. It has a 6.0-inch barrel, meaning you gain ballistic benefits thanks to the longer length, and an overall empty weight of 72 ounces. The pistol has an ambidextrous external safety that’s relatively easy to reach without adjusting your grip. Synthetic black rubber grips sporting the Magnum Research logo. Ridges on the external hammer help the shooter get a good hold, even with wet hands. Also, the factory iron sights work well right out of the box.

desert eagle black cherry
A Picatinny rail makes adding a red dot sight to the gun easy. (Photo credit: Magnum Research)

The color of this Deagle is certainly eye-catching. Applications for the pistol are as expected, ranging from handgun hunting to range time. This is the kind of gun that makes you smile when you use it. That alone makes it well worth considering adding to your collection.

MSRP is not known but dealers have it listed for around $1900.00.