Home Editorials TFB Review: Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Furniture By: Nicholas C

TFB Review: Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Furniture By: Nicholas C

TFB Review: Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Furniture   By: Nicholas C

If you have been following along in the various MP5 groups on social media, Marcus of Gibbous Outfitters is developing accessories for the MP5. Marcus sent his Gibbous Outfitters MP5K furniture for me to test on my HK SP5K PDW SBR which I now dub the MP5K-SD (Super Deformed).

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Super Deformed Baby MP5

You may be asking yourself “I’ve seen this baby MP5 before” and you would be partially correct. It has the same aesthetic as the Tokyo Marui MP5A5 mini toy airsoft gun.

Image from Tokyo Marui

Below is the actual electric toy airsoft gun. Japanese would call this “chibi” which is a style of caricature.

Image from Tokyo Marui

Well, Gibbous Outfitters MP5K furniture has a wide forearm that mimics the aesthetics of the full-size MP5 wide forearm but it is for the MP5K

Gibbous Outfitters MP5K furniture.

Marcus sent in his handguard and shorty stock. He also sent an end cap so I could test his latest design on my H&K SP5K PDW. Marcus only has access to clone roller-delayed blowback guns and was curious how it would fit on a legit H&K.

The Gibbous Outfitters MP5K furniture is 3D printed using Multi-Jet Fusion, similar material that Nocturn Industries uses for their night vision housings. Here is Gibbous Outfitters MP5K shorty stock. Marcus designed it to mimic the fixed A2 stock aesthetic. If you notice, it has ears that straddle over the sides of the upper receiver. MP5Ks have a welded reinforcing plate since their end caps do not wrap around the receiver like a full-size MP5. In order to get a fixed A2 stock on an MP5K was to have a reverse stretch made, where the rear of the MP5K is like a normal MP5 and it used an MP5 bolt and recoil spring. But now you don’t need to do that.

Marcus designed his Gibbous Outfitters MP5K stock after the A2 so it has takedown pin storage on either side of the QD hole. The QD hole is compatible with Magpul QD sling cups. Below is the Gibbous Outfitters MP5K stock next to my HK93 stock.

The Gibbous Outfitters MP5K stock is a work in progress. I found it to be too thick. It is 1.55 inches wide while the HK93 stock is only 1.23 inches wide. I gave Marcus this feedback and he said it should be a simple adjustment in his CAD file.

The other minor issue was that his bottom takedown pin hole is slightly shifted and needs to move down a little bit. The top one lines up perfectly and installing or removing the top takedown pin is easy. But the bottom one required physical coercion to slide all the way in. Again, Marcus said that should be easily fixed in the next design and print.

Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Wide Handguard

The wide K handguard is something I have been wanting for a long time. Here is a screenshot from my article reviewing the Custom Smith Manufacturing 3D printed MP5 furniture. I had expressed a desire to have an MP5K wide handguard back in the summer of 2020.

Well, it is finally here and Marcus made it happen. Note, this handguard is best suited for use with an MP5K-PDW style barrel. If you have a regular MP5K style gun with a flush barrel, it is too easy to have your fingers in front of the barrel.

I did some rough calculations. The Tokyo Marui MP5A5 Mini airsoft gun shoots 6mm bbs. Well, 9mm is 50% bigger. So I measured the MP5K-SD and sure enough, it is 50% bigger than the toy gun dimensions. So the scaling works. That is why the MP5K-SD looks so similar. But how does it feel to shoulder such a small MP5? It is not that bad actually.

The LOP is short but it is not uncomfortable. I rather run a red dot with this setup. I grabbed my old EoTech Holosight (used for archery) and it too has a “Chibi” aesthetic compared to the more common 512 and EXPS-2 HWS. So it fits the cute aesthetic.

Final Thoughts On The Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Furniture

Right now the Gibbous Outfitters MP5K furniture is still in development. The MP5K wide handguard seems like it is ready to go. Oh, one thing for those of you with an SP5K vs a Clone MP5K. The SP5K does not have the welded sling loop on the front sight tower. So removing the MP5K wide handguard is super simple. Just pull the takedown pin out and slide the handguard forward. If you have a clone MP5K it most likely has that sling loop. So you have to pull the handguard down. Due to the design of the handguard, the ears are a bit tight so it helps to use a plastic shim to gently pry the ears open as you pull the handguard down off the barrel. Ergonomically, the wide handguard feels great until you have coupled mags. The spare mag sticking out the left side hits my wrist. Same with running a Magpul drum. Other than that, the handguard seems like it is ready to go. Gibbous Outfitters will have them in a couple weeks and will retail somewhere around $130.

With regards to the MP5K shorty stock, it is still in development. Its butt pad was 3D printed on a desktop FDM printer. Marcus needs to change the thickness to more closely match a real A2 or HK93 stock width. I advised him to look into surplus G3 parts. He could get inexpensive butt pads but he would need to design a cavity in the back of the stock, just like my HK93, so the butt pad can clip into the stock. Right now the stock is a large 3D print and is rather expensive to print. So as it is now, the stock could easily be north of 300-400 dollars. He is considering making full-sized fixed stocks but those would be even more expensive if they were completely 3D printed.  I told him he could get surplus G3 stocks for not that much. Even wooden Cetme stocks for cheap. Then he would only need to design a 3D printed adapter that would attach to the MP5K but allow the use of normal stocks like my HK93 and G3 stocks. You would just need the plastic stock, not the metal end caps.

We talked about some other accessories for the MP5 platform and am eager to see what he comes up with next. Check out Gibbous Outfitters’ website for more info when they become available.