POTD: The Extrema Ratio S-THIL Black Warfare Special Edition Knife By: Eric B

To say “Italian Knife” without thinking of a classic stiletto, is that even possible? Here’s an excellent reason to, with Extrema Ratio‘s new S-THIL Black Warfare Special Edition Knife. It’s designed by Thilo Arnd Schiller, as a single-piece tactical blade, made from Böhler N690 tool steel and painted in Geotech Camo.
Here’s how Extrema Ration describes their knife:
The Extrema Ratio S-THIL Black Warfare, special edition of the S-THIL model, is a backup tactical knife of monolithic construction milled out of a 5 mm (0.2”) bar of BOHLER N690 steel, developed in cooperation with designer Thilo Arnd Schiller. The spear point blade is heat treated to 58 HRC for best combination of edge retention and toughness. It has a false double edge to make it very effective in thrusting and piercing, and has a full length fuller that flows elegantly from the blade into the handle. The blade is milled integral to the knife for better compactness and lightness, with minimum thickness yet with a pattern that reminds of the classical Extrema Ratio knife grip. This profile creates two small guards and a comfortable thumb rest to prevent any chance the hand can slip towards the blade. On the pommel there is a diamond shaped skull crusher and a slot for a wrist strap or for giving the knife a paracord grip wrap. The Black Warfare special edition sports the innovative and original Geotech Camo pattern from Extrema Ratio, laser engraved into the surface of the knife.

Technical data:

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Overall length: 230.0 mm / 9.06″
Blade length: 119.0 mm / 4.68″
Handle length: n.d.
Weight: 123.0 g / 4.34 oz

Blade material: Böhler N690
Blade hardness: 58 HRC
Blade grind: Flat
Blade finish: Geotech Camo

Sheath (holster): Kydex/Nylon
Additional accessories: Waterproof case, 2 x UltiClip, double-sided sharpening stone

The stamped nylon sheath has been designed to be extremely flat and very narrow, to keep it as compact as possible. Knife design makes the sheath ambidextrous and allows to insert the knife with the edge on the left or the right. The integral twin retention system is composed of four pressure elements that work one pair at a time, according to the direction the knife is inserted, while the textile nylon part has a button and a strap to secure the knife to the sheath. The tip of the sheath has a hole to allow debris or liquids to be expelled simply by blowing into it. The sheath can be used with belt clip, ULTICLIP or malice clip making it extremely versatile, while it is also possible to attach it to a M.O.L.L.E. webbing just by weaving paracord through it. The Extrema Ratio S-THIL Black Warfare ‘Special Edition’ is delivered in a weather, dust and shock resistant Polypropylene IP67 certified waterproof case, with pressurization valve, which carries also the Nylon sheath, double ULTICLIP, double grit sharpening plate (ceramic and synthetic diamond) and a metal plaque bearing the progressive number within the limited series.

Blade thickness: 5.0 mm / 0.2″
Handle thickness: 5.0 mm / 0.2″

The price is €319,00.

You can find more information on Extrema Ratio’s product page, where it’s been sold out. Since I’m quite tempted myself (it would look great besides some review items, don’t you think?), I noted that there are a few online shops that still carry it. Google is your friend.

What do you think?