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They say that clothes make the man/woman. I don’t know whether that is true or not. Personally, I feel that character makes the man/woman. However, when it comes to concealed carry, I do feel that clothing makes a difference. For that reason, I found some great clothing for carrying concealed while at SHOT Show 2023.

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Concealed Carry Clothing from SHOT Show 2023

5.11 Hog Hunter S/S

5.11 Hog Hunter S/S.

Ok, like most of you, I am done with winter. It can go ahead and take off now and make way for warmer temps. With warmer temps comes lighter shirts like the Hog Hunter S/S from 5.11 Tactical. Featuring Vent-Tac properties, side vents, and a wicking finish, the Hog Hunter will keep you comfortable when things heat up.

Speaking of heating up, if your situation starts to get volatile, a center-front RAPIDraw placket with faux button snaps provides instant access to your concealed pistol.

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5.11 Defender Flex Jeans

5.11 Defender Flex Jeans: Concealed Carry Clothing.

I have been wearing Defender Flex jeans for a while now and really like them. However, earlier versions had very shallow pockets, which doesn’t work for me because I use my pockets. But 5.11 has changed that in its latest Defender Flex jeans with deeper pockets—perfect for pocket carry or EDC.

Constructed of innovative cotton/polyester mechanical stretch denim offers excellent stretch and recovery. As a result, the jeans remain comfortable all day, regardless of the level of activity involved. Additionally, each side features an extra rear yoke pocket, perfect for carrying an extra magazine or two.

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Viktos Zerodarker Down Jacket

Viktos Zerodarker Down Jacket.

As long as we’re stuck with winter for a little while longer, it doesn’t hurt to dress for the occasion. Constructed of mini-ripstop nylon, the Zerodarker from Viktos includes a megapack of 750-fill power-down insulation. As a result, you stay warmer longer in colder conditions. Likewise, NyCo reinforced elbows and shoulder overlays provide additional protection to the ripstop material. Not to mention offering additional protection for your shoulder when carrying a rifle.

However, when things go south is where the Zerodarker really shines. Fourstack dedicated rifle magazine chest pockets ensure you keep your rifle fed for the long haul. Likewise, Wingman upper chest pockets offer additional room for pistol magazines or other accessories. When it comes time to access your concealed carry pistol, each side features a Gunvent sidearm access zipper.

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Viktos Range Trainer Jersey

Viktos Range Trainer Jersey: Concealed Carry Clothing.

One thing I do like about cooler weather is that coats, jackets, and hoodies make it a lot easier to carry via a shoulder holster. However, even with the right holster, after a day of wearing a shoulder holster, it can be hard on the shoulders and garment. That is where the Range Trainer Jersey from Viktos comes in.

Making a good underlayer, the jersey features NyCo shoulder overlays for additional reinforcement. As a result, the shoulders are better protected from friction from slings, plate carriers, and shoulder holsters. During warmer days, the long sleeves protect your arms from UV rays, while the Coolmax/cotton blend keeps you from overheating.

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Beyond Clothing Arx 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket

Beyond Clothing Arx 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket.

Featuring a 3-layer Lutra waterproof membrane, the Arx from Beyond Clothing is ready for inclement weather. Likewise, rugged CORDURA ensures that the jacket can handle hard use in the backcountry without taking undo damage. A 20,000mm/20,000g waterproof/breathable rating keeps you and anything under/in the jacket protected from drenching downpours.

However, when heading into the backcountry, or city streets, concealed carry is a must. For this reason, Beyond Clothing included side zippers for quick access to your firearm when you need it most.

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Dene Adams Concealed Carry Corset

Dene Adams Concealed Carry Corset: Concealed Carry Clothing.

Designed with the same benefits as actual shapewear, the Concealed Carry Corset from Dene Adams has a hidden surprise. Specifically, a holster and magazine pouch. The corset molds to your figure to better conceal your firearm or personal protection device. Correspondingly, the soft holstering compartment features a fast breakaway tab for increased draw time.

Providing all-day comfort, the corset features a new lightweight mesh back and fits under any garment. Likewise, the new corset offers twice the accessory storage in front. If you’re going to wear a corset, you might as well do it right and carry your firearm with it.

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Dene Adams Thigh Holster Shorts

Dene Adams Thigh Holster Shorts.

Dresses and skirts have a tendency to make concealed carry difficult for women. However, Dene Adams addresses this with the Thigh Holster Shorts. Featuring an inner-thigh holstering compartment (in your choice of right- or left-handed draw) you can keep your firearm close. As a result, you don’t have to worry about printing at all.

Taking into consideration the potential for the gun grip rubbing, Dene Adams positioned the holstering compartment appropriately. The compartment fits any personal protection device, such as a firearm, taser, pepper blaster, knife, stun gun, etc. Likewise, an additional accessories compartment rides on the outside of the opposite thigh for extra magazines, knives, etc.

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Madison Creek Outfitters Kennesaw

Madison Creek Outfitters Kennesaw: Concealed Carry Clothing.

Named for a town that once required every head of household to own a firearm with ammunition, the Kennesaw offers the ultimate in concealment. The vest from Madison Creek Outfitters features two specially designed interior pockets for concealed carry. Correspondingly, a removable holster comes with each vest. Likewise, an exterior vertical zip pocket provides storage for extra magazines.

The Kennesaw is constructed of Travel Twill (65% cotton/35% polyester) for extended life. Further expressing its intent, the Kennesaw proudly displays a Second Amendment lining graphic.

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Nexbelt NTAC-45

Nexbelt NTAC-45.

I’ve been wearing Nexbelt for a year now and cannot see any reason to go back to any other belt. So, I had to take a look at what they had at SHOT Show for 2023. Constructed of durable nylon materials that can withstand heavy loads, the NTAC-45 can carry anything you can and more. Likewise, the updated buckle features a double-trigger buckle mechanism for additional security.

Additionally, the NTAC-45 features an upgraded heavy-duty track system, so it can easily handle heavy loads. However, it is worth noting that the new NTAC-45 is 1.75 inches, so it is better suited to IWB or wide looped OWB, or duty holsters. Easy to resize at home, the NTAC-45 will fit up to a 50-inch waist. But it can be adjusted to fit much smaller waists.

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