Home Editorials Wheelgun Wednesday: SHOT 2023 Revolver Roundup By: Rusty S.

Wheelgun Wednesday: SHOT 2023 Revolver Roundup By: Rusty S.

Wheelgun Wednesday: SHOT 2023 Revolver Roundup   By: Rusty S.

This week on Wheelgun Wednesday, we will give a quick roundup of some of the interesting wheelguns we were able to get hands and eyes on at SHOT 2023.  Keep in mind, SHOT is hectic, but we tried to get our eyes on as many new and interesting revolvers as we could.  We regret to report that not much was new from either Colt, S&W, Chiappa, or Taylor’s & Co. in the wheelgun department (besides the King Cobra Target .22LR being given a rough date of summer 2023), but here are a few revolvers that caught our attention for 2023:

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Wheelgun Wednesday: SHOT 2023 Revolver Roundup

Not new, just engraved

#1: Taurus and Rossi’s New Lineup

Tauris and their subsidiary Rossi brought some of the most new wheelguns of any company, and they all seemed to hit a particular niche.  From the innovative new 856 TORO to the braked, relatively soft shooting 10.5″ .460 Raging Hunter, Taurus and Rossi were offering a lot, and let us get hands-on with them at industry range day to boot.

[SHOT 2023] Taurus Judge Executive Grade and 856 TORO

#2: RIA’s Wheelguns

Rock Island Armory brought nearly every firearm in their catalog to the range for willing shooters, so we got to try out some of their revolvers.  Our favorite shooting experience?  The AL22m.  This Alfa Proj-made revolver might be one of the better and more reasonably priced .22 Magnum wheelguns currently on the market.

Rock Island Armory/Alfa Proj AL22M

#3: New Ruger Wrangler Barrel Lengths

Speaking of a lot of bang for your buck, Ruger had their new Wrangler barrel lengths at the range, in the 6.5″, 7.5″, and 3.5″ with a full-size grip as opposed to the bird’s head.  The most fun?  Definitely the 7.5″.  The long sight radius wand ever so slightly heavier weight made for good fun plinking at longer ranges, even in the horrendous wind.

Long-barreled Ruger Wranglers

#4: Silver Creek Firearms .357

Silver Creek Firearms was the new kid on the block, bringing an American-made variable-twist rate 8″ ported barrel double action .357. The frame and barrel are made out of polished 17-4 PH stainless, and they reminded one of our writers of the Dan Wesson 715 series blended with a Ruger Blackhawk.  6″ and 10″ barrels will also be available, as well as a matte finish option.  We didn’t get range time with this new firearm, but it’s exciting to see a new American-made revolver come to market.

Silver Creek Firearms’ 4110

#?: Zenk RZMK-357

The Zenk RZMK-357 was one of our most-anticipated and potentially the most innovative new wheelgun of SHOT 2023.  Unfortunately, it was pretty much a no-show.  With one non-working plastic 3D-printed mockup, it’s hard to determine exactly what is going on with this gun.  We will have to wait and see if the Zenk is cursed with being vaporware like the other bullpup revolving firearms or not.

Thanks to Adam Scepaniak for the images and impressions of the Silver Creek 4110