Turbo Series Lights from SureFire By: Patti Miller


SureFire, an industry leader in weapon lights, has expanded its product line to include the Turbo family of lights. According to the company, the SureFire Turbo series pushes the limits of both handheld and weapon-mounted light for an upper hand both near and far. The Turbo series of lights deliver high-candela illumination for extreme distances and are ideal for LE or military use. The Turbo series includes options for handheld lights, pistol lights as well as long gun lights.

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Surefire X300T weapon light
SureFire has expanded its line-up to include the Turbo series of lights, which dramatically increase the candela levels of the flashlights. The X300T light shown here has a dramatic increase in available candelas and mounts via the rail on the pistol. (Photo credit: Surefire)

Handheld Lights

The handheld lights, the EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT, are the Turbo series versions of the EDC and EDC2 flashlights. The Turbo versions of the flashlights have a significant jump in candela from the other versions, delivering over 70,000 candelas from the SF18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT have the Dual Fuel feature meaning the lights can be powered by the lithium-ion battery or from 123A primary batteries.

The EDC2-DFT is slightly larger than the EDC1-DFT light, but both deliver intense candela when needed. According to SureFire, these EDC flashlights give the farthest-reaching beams of any SureFire EDC handhelds. The handheld lights also have a low-output setting for administrative tasks that don’t require high output.  The EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT come in black, grey, or tan with pricing starting at around $300.

Pistol Lights

SureFire has a couple of pistol lights in the Turbo series as well, the X300T-A and the X400T-A. These two pistol lights have a powerful 66,000 candela in a compact and handgun-practical package. The X400T-A has a highly visible laser, in green or red, for faster target acquisition without having to rely on the gun sights.

The X300T-A and the X400T-A have an ambidextrous push switch for easy usage. Both models of the Turbo pistol lights mount via Picatinny or Universal accessory rails for better compatibility across platforms and are powered by two 123A batteries. Available in both black and tan, pricing for the pistol lights starts around $369 (black) and $379 (tan).

Long Rifle Lights

Turbo Scout Pro Mini from Surefire
The Turbo Series of lights from SureFire includes handheld, pistol, and long gun lights, like the Scout shown above. Each light is available in black or tan. (Photo credit: SureFire)

The Turbo series would not be complete without options for long rifles. The M340DFT Pro and the M640DFT Pro, like the smaller Turbo models, have serious candela upgrades. The M340DFT Pro reportedly has a candela rating of 71,000, just as an example. Both long rifle models are mountable via Picatinny or M-LOK rails, and both feature SureFire’s Dual Fuel power option. The M340DFT Pro and the M640DFT Pro lights start around $400 for the black color and slightly more for other color options.