Intruder Shot When 80-Year-Old Victim Fights Back! By: Kimber Pearce


A peaceful Chicago neighborhood received a shock last month when an 80-year-old man defended his home from two intruders.

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The homeowner, who is a holder of a valid FOID card, was inside his home in the 8500 block of West Catherine when two individuals knocked on his door at 10:30 am. Upon opening it, the intruders, a man and woman, forcibly entered the home and a scuffle ensued.

However, the determined homeowner didn’t give up without a fight and managed to fire a shot, striking the man in the chest. The second intruder, the woman, escaped unharmed. 

The homeowner sustained several injuries in the altercation, including a severe head injury, and Fox32 reports that he was rushed to Resurrection Hospital in critical condition.

The two perpetrators fled the scene but eventually sought medical treatment at the same hospital. The perp who was shot was admitted in critical condition. Since then the police have gained custody of both intruders. Charges are still pending.

Many neighbors expressed a great deal of shock over the occurrence, one saying, “I was in shock when I heard it, because it’s like in the middle of the day, in the morning, and something like that happens so close to your home, it’s really scary to hear.”

When interviewed, Boris Stojakovic, another neighbor of the homeowner, told WLS, “This doesn’t happen here. This is a pretty rare event.” He also informed the news outlet that the people of the neighborhood are taking precautions and keeping their doors locked. 

In this eventful happening, a brave homeowner fought back against two intruders and exercised his 2A rights, defending himself and his home. 

The story serves as a testament to the necessity of staying prepared and cautious, as well as how important it is to know how to use a firearm.

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