Windham Weaponry: 450 Thumper and More By: Kat Ainsworth


When you’re looking for an AR platform rifle, it’s nice to have options. Whether that means a variety of caliber possibilities or a selection of handguard styles, Windham Weaponry has you covered. The manufacturer is known for producing a wide variety of well-made products, from parts to complete firearms, and they’ve expanded their line yet again. The latest from Windham Weaponry includes greater 450 Thumper options, an XM177 variant, and more.

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XM177 Variant

Windham Weaponry rifle
Windham Weaponry has a number of new rifles in its lineup including an XM177 variant. (Photo credit: Windham Weaponry)

On the retro side, Windham Weaponry has an XM177 variant. This model features the modern reliability of the AR platform with classic touches like a carry handle and an A2 front sight. The XM177 is carbine length and has the flash hider pinned and welded in place to reach the 16-inch length. An A1 upper is used on the rifle as is an A1 pistol grip. The barrel has a 1-in-9 twist rate. A four-position, adjustable CAR stock is also used, meaning the gun can be fit to the shooter’s length of pull.

450 Thumper

windham weaponry 450 thumper
The 450 Thumper is available with a camo or black finish and is, of course, chambered in 450 Bushmaster. (Photo credit: Windham Weaponry)

The manufacturer is also expanding the 450 Thumper line with camo finish options and a number of new handguards. This means that if you prefer a decorative handguard rather than one compatible with mounting accessories, you can tailor your gun to fit those details. Of course, most handguards still have a full-length Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other top-mounted accessories.

Windham Weaponry’s 450 Thumper line includes various 450 Bushmaster chambered rifles designed to withstand heavy use and perform reliably. These rifles have a 16-inch 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel barrel with an A2 flash suppressor and a 5 +1 capacity.

windham weaponry handguard
The 450 Thumper is available with different handguards. (Photo credit: Windham Weaponry)

MSRP for these rifles varies by model and specific features.