Trijicon Compact ACOG is Now Shipping with Q-LOC Mount — SHOT Show 2023 By: Jeff Cramblit

Ruggedly built for hard use

Many shooters are at least familiar with the ACOG scopes produced by Trijicon. The military has been using them for decades. They are a tough battle-tested design made from an aluminum forged body, they are fixed power and they have a dual illumination system for the reticle.

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Illumination comes from either ambient light picked up by the fiber optic running on the top of the optic or from an internal tritium source. This design provides an illuminated reticle day or night with no batteries required that typically lasts at least 10 years.

Objective lens and fiber optic feed.

ACOGs have come in a variety of different magnifications over the years, with the first ones being 3.5x and 4x magnification. As with everything, they always want it to be smaller, faster, and better.

The Compact ACOG is the result of some of that modernization and with that comes some advantages and some compromises.

It is smaller and lighter, ergo the name “Compact.” However, it isn’t designed for some of the longer ranges, as larger models are, due to its modest 1.5x magnification. It is designed for typical use within 200 yards. It is available with two versions of Trijicon’s Rapid Target Reticle (RTR) with Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) stadia lines.

RTR reticle makes distant shots simpler.

Both versions have an illuminated center 2 MOA dot surrounded by a larger black circle and with ranging stadia dropping down below.

One version is for the 223 utilizing 55-grain bullets from a 16-inch barrel with stadia lines out to 700 yards. The other version is a 9mm RTR designed for a 50-yard zero and stadia lines out to 300 yards.

So, both seem to stretch the 200-yard intended purpose of the 1.5x magnification but with good target definition, the BDC would help get the hits.

Cross rod, thumb screw and ½ inch nut for securing Q-LOC mount.

The good news for this year is that the Compact ACOG is now shipping with Trijicon’s Q-LOC mount. This new mount provides 15 in/lbs of force just with the spring tension the mount provides, then it has a thumb screw that the user can tighten for secure mounting.

This also means that if the need arises that it could be removed in the field without tools. In addition, it has a half-inch nut that can be tightened by a wrench or more likely a multi-tool for added security. The mount also has cross rods to engage the Picatinny rail to make it fairly zero repeatable if mounted in the same location.

Cross rod and the threaded thumb screw aid in the repeatability of mounting.

Magnification             1.5 power

Objective Lens            16mm

Field of View               39 ft @ 100 yards

Length                         4 inches

Weight                        5.1 ounces

Reticles                       Rapid Target Reticle (RTR) 223 or 9mm

Illumination                 Fiber Optics & Tritium

MSRP                          $1357

For more information on the Trijicon Compact ACOG and the Q-LOC mount click HERE.

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