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Dispatchers will be able to access a smartphone’s camera with the user’s permission to assist responders’ response efforts

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By Ashley Silver

SCOTT CITY, Mo. — Dispatchers in Missouri now have the capability to see exactly what’s occurring during an emergency response situation through a new software application.

Through the “Prepared Live” system, Scott City 911 dispatchers will now be able to access a smartphone’s camera with the user’s permission to assist first responders’ response efforts, according to KFVS News.

“Scott City is trying to be on the forefront of 911 technology,” Dan King, emergency management director, told the news platform. The system allows dispatchers to see what’s happening live in an emergency.

“In a 911 situation, it’s an emergency; they’re not always thinking clearly. But if we can see what they’re seeing, it gives us a lot more information to give to responders … and it also allows us to help the folks that are calling to deal with the situation,” King added.

“Prepared Live” works by first sending a link to the individual’s phone so they can approve the usage of their camera by dispatchers.

“As soon as they get the link, they can click that via their consent. It shows us exactly what they see and only what they want us to see. It lets us know when they click on it. We can chat with them if they’re not able to talk to us in case of certain situations,” dispatcher Alexis Lambert told KFVS News.

King believes the new system will positively impact the way they respond to emergencies in the future: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, video is worth a million in this case, so I think this is gonna be great. We rolled this out yesterday and I’m looking forward to seeing how many different ways we can find to use this to help the citizens we serve.”

Scott City EMS launched the system this week. The app is free to download.

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