AK Magazine Adapter For Ruger American Ranch Rifles By: Doug E


The Ruger American Rifle series has become a popular, affordable line of rifles that include the Ruger American Ranch Rifle, one of which comes chambered for 7.62x39mm. For the American Ranch, Ruger opted to incorporate their own magazine design from the Ruger Mini-30, also chambered for 7.62×39. However, the 7.62×39 cartridge is most synonymous with AKM pattern rifles, thus, many people have been hoping for a Ruger American Ranch Rifle that accepts AK magazines. Enter Firecastle Customs, who recently announced their AK magazine adapter for Ruger American Ranch Rifles chambered in 7.62×39.

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We’ve featured Firecastle Customs’ work on this issue on TFB before, back before Andrew established a formal company. His prior work was more of a service he provided by altering people’s Ruger American Ranch magazine wells, but now, he has designed and created a tangible product, an AK magazine adapter that allows customers to change their Ruger American Ranch Rifles from using Mini-30 mags to AK mags. He has also been making custom magazine release thumb tabs. The video below shows Andrew’s AK Magazine Adapter installed on his Ruger American Ranch Rifle, and how it functions with Magpul PMAGs and KCI mags.

AK Magazine Adapter For Ruger American Ranch Rifles

Firecastle Customs’ website describes their AK Magazine Adapter:

A 3D printed magwell that replaces your American Ruger Ranch Mini-30 magwell with a unit that allows the use of the Magpul AK-47 magazines which are readily available at any gunstore across the USA for an affordable price. This unit is designed around the Magpul magazines and is only warranted for their use, any other manufacturers are not guaranteed to function due to large dimensional variances. The latest generation includes the magazine release already installed with your choice of laser Artwork on the paddle, please specify in the notes section of your payment which of the following options you would like; Punisher skull, American flag, Gadsen flag, Marine flag, or 7.62×39. This kit also includes longer action screws to accommodate the thicker action pillars in the new magwell. Magazine not included.

AK Magazine Adapter For Ruger American Ranch Rifles

AK Magazine Adapter For Ruger American Ranch Rifles

AK Magazine Adapter For Ruger American Ranch Rifles

Firecastle Customs has the Ruger American AK-47 Magwell listed on their website for $150. You can see other items they have listed at FirecastleCustoms.com or view more of their videos on the YouTube channel Andres Fueurcastle.

What do you think about the Firecastle Customs Ruger American AK-47 Magwell? Is this something you’ve been hoping for? If you’ve already bought one, please share your experience with us in the comment section.