[SHOT 2023] KRISS USA Newest Products Are Here! By: Matt E


KRISS USA has been most well known for their Vector which over the last couple of decades has turned into an icon in the gun world. Even people who don’t know firearms will recognize the Vector from movies and video games. The Vector line has had a couple of additions as well as a new addition to their 22LR rifle line. Let’s take a closer look at KRISS USA’s newest products.

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Vector CRB Origin

The new Vector CRB Origin is a throwback to the original Vector that made the company. With the classic OD Green and Black color combo, the Vector Origin is in the same stock and color configuration as the original models that came over from Europe in the beginning.

These models were featured on Future Weapons all the way back in 2007 and as a call back to those models, the Vector CRB Origin was announced. The gun is equipped with the classic two-tone, skeletonized trigger, and folding stock and is Glock magazine compatible. Chambered in 45 ACP, the Vector CRB Origin is in its original caliber with an MSRP of $2,399.99


The new DMK22C ARCA is the newest model of KRISS’s 22 line of AR platform rifles. This version is more of a semi-auto precision rifle. This rifle is focused on being the most accurate semi-auto rifle possible with the affordability of a 22LR.

These DMK22C are equipped with a 10/22 barrel which allows you to have access to the plethora of precision barrels available on the market. KRISS decided to make the DKM22C with an ARCA Swiss dovetail rail for precision tripods and attachments as well as make the rifle a full metal construction instead of using polymer components.

Having a full metal construction allows the DMK22C to accept standard AR15 furniture and it comes standard with backup irons sights. MSRP on the DMK22C is set at $949.99 and it will start shipping in the next few months.

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