[SHOT 2023] HM Defense HM50B – Differences from Bushmaster BA50 and Remington R2Mi By: Hrachya H


A little over a month ago, we reported about the release of the HM Defense HM50B bolt action .50BMG rifle, and many of our readers found it suspiciously similar to Bushmaster BA50 and Remington R2Mi. HM Defense brought the HM50B rifle to SHOT Show 2023 (displayed at AmmoInc/Gunbroker booth) and when I visited them, I asked if they can tell me what sets their rifle apart from the other two. Well, they were prepared and provided me an entire list of differences between the three rifles. Long story short, the rifles look similar but they are not the same.

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[SHOT 2023] HM Defense HM50B (2)

Here is the list of differences between the HM Defense HM50B, Bushmaster BA50 and Remington R2Mi.

BA50 / R2Mi VS HM50B

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Rail is threaded onto the barrel nut; barrel can come loose affecting head space and safety.HM Defense Solution: Rail is independent of the barrel nut and cannot affect headspace.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Bipod can create rotational forces causing the rail to move, potentially loosening the barrel nut and barrel.HM Defense Solution: Rail and upper housing protect the barrel nut.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Lack of integrity between rail and upper, large gap with exposed barrel nut.HM Defense Solution: Rail and upper boss are securely fastened.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Bipod mount is not integral and can come loose.HM Defense Solution: Bipod mount is an integral part of the rail and cannot come loose

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Bipod is poorly designed.HM Defense Solution: Accu-Tac HD-50 Bipod is recognized as one of the best bipods for the 50 BMG and is included with each HM50B rifle.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: The upper receiver is made of 6061, which is not nearly as strong or durable as 7075 T6.HM Defense Solution: Billet Upper receiver is made of 7075 T6 alloy, 7075 T6 properties feature a tensile strength that is nearly double that of 6061 T6.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Carrier alignment bearings can collect debris and fail affecting function.HM Defense Solution: Propriety billet steel carrier key design minimizes contact and friction with upper and collects debris allowing function in challenging environments.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Minimal material thickness used in lower.HM Defense Solution: Over built billet lower with flared mag well for easy loading of magazine.

BA50/R2Mi Problem: Heavy trigger pull affects accurate shooting.HM Defense Solution: Target trigger with anti-walk pins for accurate shooting.

[SHOT 2023] HM Defense HM50B (1)

The HM Defense HM50B rifle is currently available for order at an introductory price of $5995.

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