Augmented Reality Training From Magic Leap — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim

Magic Leap uses goggles and sensors to project training scenarios on your surroundings.

A local police academy uses virtual reality simulations to train students to deal with a variety of situations. But it’s like being in a video game, and you have to have spotters making sure the student doesn’t run into walls.

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Augmented Reality projects objects and people into the world around you to give you an interactive experience. Magic Leap has created a way to use augmented reality to provide tactical training.

Images and sound are projected inside the lenses of these goggles.

Their goggles and computer project images on the lenses so you can see virtual bad guys, but you also see the objects in the room around you. This has the advantage of training at a school or a park or an office that would be a real-world situation, and you can use it with many teammates at once.

Additionally, audio is also projected in stereo from the goggles, and sensors mounted to your goggles and gun can tell where they’re pointing. The software knows if you turned your head to the left or not and didn’t see a bad guy over there.

I used it in their demo booth and it was amazingly responsive. I could sense no lags and my gun pointed right on target where I was aiming.

Sensors in the goggles and the gun can tell where you’ve looked and where your gun has pointed.

Magic Leap is an enterprise-level tool used in many ways for all kinds of training and education. Law enforcement and military organizations could make use of it.

Magic Leap sees this as the future for all of us, though, and believes this is where our phones are heading, too. Headsets start at $3,299.

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