A Civilian Legal Bazooka? Meet the ‘Carl Gustaf’ from Umarex — SHOT Show 2023 By: Jeff Cramblit


The best thing to shoot at SHOT Show 2023 Range Day wasn’t even a firearm…

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Umarex, who is well known for its precision and hunting air rifles had the best thing on the firing line: an airsoft anti-tank replica that fired a 2 ½ inch plastic ball filled with airsoft pellets.

When fired, the projectile opened up, raining hundreds of airsoft pellets downrange on the target. It would literally pelt a group of advancing attackers in an airsoft game.

The rear-loaded airsoft AT replica was named the “Carl Gustaf.”

Capsule separating and releasing airsoft pellets.

The onboard air cylinder is housed in the removable cartridge and has to be charged with green gas to ~110.

The cylinder is loaded in the shell housing and put on “safe.” The two-piece plastic projectile is filled with airsoft pellets and inserted in the top of the round.

Cylinder installed in shell housing

The round is loaded into the rear and locked in place. The shooter shoulders the unit and utilizes the side-mounted sights and pistol grip to aim the weapon. Then, the shooter takes it off “safe” and presses the trigger to launch the ball of pellets downrange.

Pellet filled capsule installed in top of shell.

About 15-20 yards down range the two halves separate and all the pellets shower the target. Awesome!

Rear loading port, but there is no back blast on this one.

Unfortunately, Umarex was not able to give an actual release date or price for the Carl Gustaf. But check back for updates.

Grip and trigger for making the magic happen.

For more information on Umarex products and the Carl Gustaf keep click HERE.

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