[SHOT 2023] CAA MCK Gen 3, MCK Apollo and AGADA By: Hrachya H


CAA brought all their latest products and prototypes to SHOT Show 2023 including the third-generation MCK conversion kits, the Apollo PCC and the sci-fi AGADA carbine. Let’s take a look at each of these CAA products.

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  • CAA USA Announces the NEW 10mm, 9mm, and .223 MCK Rifle Line Up
  • [SHOT 2022] CAA Releases AGADA PCC and Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit
  • New CAA MCK Chassis for Taurus Pistols
  • New CAA MCK TAC – The Most Compact MCK Yet

MCK Gen 3

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (5)

The main difference of the MCK Gen 3 from the previous generations of MCK conversion kits is the open-top design that makes it compatible with pistols that have slide-mounted red dot sights. The MCK Gen 3 also features a built-in brush/bristle system that cleans the front of the slide as it cycles to prevent carbon buildup. This new conversion kit is shipped with stocks or braces of a new design that can fold to either side of the unit and have two cheek weld height options for aiming through the slide-mounted red dot sight or flip-up iron sights that can be installed on top of the MCK Gen 3, on front and rear rail sections.

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (6)

The MSRP of CAA MCK Gen 3 starts from $349. It is currently compatible with the following models of Glock pistols (Gen 3-5): 17/19/19x/20/21/22/23/25/31/32/45/47.

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (1)

MCK Apollo

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (2)

Inspired by MCK conversion kits, the Apollo is a complete 9mm pistol caliber carbine from CAA. It is a blowback firearm that takes Glock mags and will be available with the following barrel length/configuration options: 16″, 10″, and 10″ with a pinned and welded faux suppressor. MCK Apollo also features a reversible charging handle, an ambidextrous magazine release and safety, 25.5″ top and 14″ bottom Picatinny rails and M-LOK slots on the sides of the handguard. The magwell is in front of the trigger guard and the pistol grip can hold a spare magazine.

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (3)

The estimated release of the MCK Apollo is in October of 2023.


[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (7)

The CAA Agada is also a blowback pistol caliber carbine fed from Glock magazines. With its pistol grip and front grip offset to the sides and rotated forward, it looks and feels unusual, to say the least. The idea of such a grip layout is that when you shoulder the gun, the position and orientation of your hands are like in a boxing stance which is claimed to be more natural. It’s indeed comfortable, but very unusual. The Agada will also be available with three barrel options: 16″, 10″ and 10″ with a pinned and welded faux suppressor.

[SHOT 2023] CAA Agada, MCK Apollo and MCK Gen 3 (8)

Introducing the AGADA, the first truly revolutionary, innovative and ultimately ergonomic rifle, designed by LTC (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA.

AGADA (pronounced Ah-Ga-Dah) means “Legend” in Hebrew, and its unique design is a first to radically alter the traditional standards of how a rifle is constructed and instead, facilitates a natural and ergonomic hold that will increase accuracy and consistency for any shooter at any level.

Designed and manufactured in Pompano Beach, Florida by CAA USA, the AGADA is born from Hartman’s 22-years of experience serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and training over a half a million soldiers. The AGADA is the first weapon system built around the ergonomics of the human body, while in the past, the shooter’s body needed to contort in order to grip the “broomstick” (straight line from stock to muzzle) design of the rifle, i.e., there is no need to “break” your wrist in order to grip the rifle.

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