[SHOT 2023] Springfield Armory’s New Products By: Matt E


Over the last few months, Springfield Armory has come out with a number of new products which have done well for them. Whether it’s the Prodigy, 9mm Saint PCC or the SA-35, they have been busy over the last year with new product releases. At SHOT Show they had a number of these models out at their range day as well as their show floor booth so let’s take a look at SHOT 2023 Springfield Armory’s new products.

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Prodigy 2011

The Prodigy 2011 series came thundering onto the market with a number of variations including their 5″ Government model as well as the smaller 4.25″ commander model. Springfield is now offering other iron sight versions as well as red dot packages. With the overall price being below the $2,000 mark, the Prodigy has given a number of shooters a way to get into the 2011 market at a more affordable cost. Springfield has been working to get more optics plates onto the market for a number of the popular options available today on Springfield’s website like the Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and others. I just received my 1911 DS copy, so be on the lookout for that review here in the next couple of weeks.

Saint Victor 9mm Carbine

The newest addition to the Springfield line of firearms is the Saint Victor 9mm Carbine. This has been out for roughly a month, and if you want to read my review of the Saint PCC be sure to check out the link here. Springfield decided to go with a Colt pattern 32-round magazine. With the addition of a blast deflector, B5 furniture and backup iron sights, the new Saint PCC offers the same experience as a regular 556 Saint rifle in a 9mm platform instead. This is ideal for the 3 gun community or female shooters who don’t want a 5.56 rifle and instead want something a bit more manageable. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new Saint Victor 9mm Carbine so far. MSRP on the Saint PCC Carbine is $1,299.99 and available in stores now.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the latest SHOT Show news as it comes out this week. if you have any questions about the new products from Springfield Armory or SHOT Show news, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and stay tuned for more SHOT Show coverage.
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