Home Product Reviews Walker’s Vector Shooting Glasses: Your Next Safety Essential By: Grace Stevens

Walker’s Vector Shooting Glasses: Your Next Safety Essential By: Grace Stevens

Walker’s Vector Shooting Glasses: Your Next Safety Essential   By: Grace Stevens

The most important thing to just about anyone that handles firearms is safety. (And if it’s not, it should be.) Safety isn’t just about gun handling, either, it applies to numerous other aspects such as storage and personal protection.

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What do we mean by personal protection? Well, anytime there’s a trip to the range there are two major essentials for your safety: eye and ear protection, which are typically referred to as eyes and ears or eye pro and ear pro.

Walker’s is a brand well known for designing and manufacturing safety essentials for gun owners and anyone involved in outdoor activities so they can practice knowing they have a layer of protection in place. One of Walker’s excellent products is Vector Shooting Glasses which have proven themselves as an affordable and reliable product. 

Walker’s Vector Shooting Glasses — Specifications and Features

Walkers vector glasses on their box.
Walker’s Vector Shooting glasses come strapped on top of a box containing the carrying case and cloth, all within a clear box (that is not pictured). (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

When it comes to eye pro for shooting, there are three major standards: US Civilian (ANSI Z87.1), US Military (MCEPS GL-PD 10-12), and European (EN166), the latter of which is less common in firearm protection and more common in workplace safety, like on a construction site. For general range use, US Civilian is great, and the Vector Shooting Glasses exceed those minimum standards, specifically the 2010-based high-impact requirements. They also meet the MCEPS specifications, assuring that these will go above and beyond to protect your eyes while shooting. Remember, all eyewear is not created the same, and random sunglasses from the drugstore aren’t the same as safety glasses for shooting sports.

These glasses feature impact-resistant lenses that come in four colors. Take note that these aren’t interchangeable lenses, so if you want multiple colors you need multiple pairs of eye pro. The colors available are clear, smoke, amber, and rose.

  • Clear is great for indoor use because it doesn’t dim your vision and is also great for low-light outdoor use since there isn’t UV protection.
  • Smoke can be solid for indoor use as well and may be a good choice for the outdoors due to its mild tint that can help dim the sun a bit.
  • Amber, in comparison to others, is typically believed to be the best for sunny days.
  • Rose can be a viable option for a variety of uses but can be especially helpful to see orange clays while skeet shooting.

In the end, it is largely up to personal preference. Eye pro lens color tends to be a case of ‘your mileage may vary,’ so try a few and find out what works for you.

The frame is a full-frame design made of polycarbonate that comes in black. It is rubberized with textured inner frames designed to grip the sides of your head to prevent slippage. The temple arms of the glasses are made of Thermoplastic Flex rubber, making them durable and weather-resistant. I can attest to the fact that it would take a lot for these glasses to fall off your face. I can run, whip my head, or practically hang upside down without them budging. 

Close up of walkers vector glasses showing nose pad and rubber on arms.
Here you can see a close-up of the nose pads and arms on the glasses. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

Walker’s did design the frame somewhat on the thicker side but even so, they’re light overall, weighing in at barely over one ounce. When paired with over-ear protection, these glasses don’t dig or poke into your head. Of course, that can differ based on the wearer’s head size. My head is about 23inches around at eye level, to give a frame of reference. On my own head, they are a bit snug but fit well.

The nose pads are made of EVA foam which is used for sports equipment because of its ability to absorb impact-related shock. The nose pads aren’t adjustable either, which is important to keep in mind depending on your nose shape, though it should be compatible for most. 

Walkers Vector glasses in their case showing the cleaning cloth.
Walker’s Vector shooting glasses come with a sturdy carrying case and microfiber cloth to ensure that they remain clean and undamaged. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

One final feature worth mentioning is the lanyard loops on the arms of the Vector Shooting Glasses, though a lanyard is not included. You can add your own lanyard, which definitely makes it easier to keep track of them at the range. Of course, you can also put them up on a hat or on your head, so there are several ways to carry these glasses when you’re not wearing them.

Walker’s includes a carrying case with a clip on it for easy carry and storage. There’s also a convenient microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure the glasses can stay as clean and clear as possible. That comes in handy when your eye pro gets smeared and you’re not done shooting yet.

With an MSRP of $24.99, these glasses are affordable for the product. The safety of your eyesight is worth just about anything, and Walker’s eye protection well outperforms its price point.

Range Use

Vector glasses on the face of a man aiming a handgun.
These glasses worked well at the range, didn’t fall off, and didn’t get uncomfortable. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

When it comes to target practice at the range it takes a keen eye and clear field of vision to get drills done. It’s a good idea to protect your eyes—and your ears—whether it’s an outdoor or indoor range. It’s easy to forget such a seemingly minor part of your range bag, so make sure you include Walker’s Vector shooting glasses. And don’t forget the ear pro, too.

They are high-impact resistant. Your eyes will be protected from hot brass that may unexpectedly fly toward your face. Unexpected ricochets need to be accounted for, too, as does backsplash. Those aren’t things that only happen when you’re shooting close-range on steel, either. Stuff happens, and you can’t predict when you’ll need eye pro in place. It’s better to have it. 

In the case of outdoor ranges, eye protection can also prevent some issues when it comes to unpredictable weather. Keeping rain, harsh winds, dust, or debris out of your eyes while shooting is incredibly important so your sight doesn’t become impaired.

Eye protection can enhance a shooter’s eyesight as well. Tinted glasses, like Walker’s amber or smoke colors, can help with bright sun and glare at outdoor ranges. 

Overall, these glasses are a must-have for trips to the range. Remember, eye protection is non-negotiable! Make sure you make the right choice, and if you have a small budget, these glasses are great.

Hunting Use

Walkers vector glasses inside of carrying bag. hanging on a tactical backpack.
I love that I can easily clip these glasses onto my favorite hunting backpack for easy access. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

Walker’s Vector shooting glasses should be an essential for hunting trips too. When it comes to hunting, just about anything can happen. Unlike some outdoor ranges, you don’t always have an overhead cover to shoot under. So, the unpredictable weather—especially the wind and dust—is a major factor. 

In conclusion, Walker’s Vector Shooting glasses are a great pick when it comes to eye protection. Whether you’re hunting or at a range of any kind, Walker’s provides options to meet your needs. They’re affordable and effective, which is a perfect combination.