[SHOT 2023] Vudoo Gun Works New 1911 Mobius & 2011 Priest Pistols By: Matthew Moss


11 Not only have Vudoo Gun Works entered the centerfire precision rifle market with the brand new Morpheus but they also now offer a line of 1911 and 2011 pistols. The recently introduced Mobius 1911 line will soon be joined by the Priest 2011.

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It’s not often that a manufacturer explains full production techniques step by step during a show like SHOT but for Vudoo Gun Works the way their new pistols are made is an integral part of their appeal. Firstly, it’s worth noting the Priest pistols I handled had incredibly smooth actions – some of the smoothest I’ve ever handled, with very crisp trigger pulls. Vudoo Gun Works explained that the reason for this is the high manufacturing tolerances they have been able to achieve.

Vudoo’s new Mobius pistols (Matt Moss/TFB)

The engineers that Vudoo is working with on their pistol lines draw on decades of experience from the aeronautics engineering sector and have brought precision manufacturing processes to the Priest and Mobius. They explained that the frame of the pistol is machined from two disks of 416 steel. These are cut and then the two halves are electron beam welded together before they are heat treated and polished.

Two halves of the frame of a new pistol from Vudoo (Matt Moss/TFB)

The slide is machined from a 17-4 steel billet and the tolerances between the slide and frame are precisely measured using a custom made jig to test the barrel lock up. This manufacturing process not only produces a more precisely made pistol by removing the need to hand fit parts but Vudoo also explain that it makes manufacturing easier and more cost effective.

The manufacturing progression for Vudoo’s new pistols (Matt Moss/TFB)

Tolerance rig used to test Vudoo’s new pistols (Matt Moss/TFB)

Individual parts manufactured by Vudoo’s for their new pistols (Matt Moss/TFB)

Vudoo have opted to keep as many manufactured parts in house as possible and also make their own barrels, bushings, safety catches and a one-piece trigger assembly – all machined from quality steel. Their Mobius line of pistols is available in a variety of calibers (including 9mm, .45ACP, and soon .22LR) and finishes. The Priest is also available in various configurations including nitride black, various cerakotes and reverse 2 tone. While the Mobius feeds from Chip McCormick & Wilson Combat magazines the 2011 Priest feeds from MBX magazines.

Vudoo’s new Priest pistols (Matt Moss/TFB)

The Priest is available to order now and has an MSRP of around $3,200. Check out vudoogunworks.com for more information.

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