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As a resident of WA State, I find these proposed bills troubling to say the least. READ HB 1240. READ ALL OF THESE. Call, act. If you don’t live in WA state read them anyway. Look at the list  and what is not allowed on the said weapons. The overall lack of understanding of firearms is astounding and their conclusions are at best delusional.

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It has been made very clear since the most recent presidential election, they are in fact coming for your guns. This is not a call of conspiracy, of radical agenda. It is simply a reality now. Millions upon millions of us legal, law abiding gun owners are being attacked because of a PEOPLE problem that we now have.

I urge you all to now be involved in the peaceful fight against the destruction of our rights. Rights that We The People have done nothing to have removed from us.

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As you know, your NSSF® Government Relations team has been monitoring and working against a multitude of anti-industry bills in Washington State. During last week’s hearing, NSSF testified, along with members from our manufacturing and retail sectors, against a myriad of bills in the State Senate and State House.

While our opposition severely outnumbered the proponents, the Democratic leadership plans to vote on these bills this upcoming Friday and we still need your help. We are expecting most of the following bills to be worked / receive votes in committee this Friday, January 27 in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee in Olympia, Washington:

HB 1178: If passed, this proposal would end state preemption, allowing cities, counties and municipalities to implement gun control ordinances and regulations.

HB 1240: If passed, this bill would ban the manufacture, sale, purchase and transfer of so-called “assault rifles,” or commonly-owned semiautomatic Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs).

HB 1143: This proposal creates an onerous permit-to-purchase requirement for all firearm sales in the state.

HB 1144: This bill would enact enhanced background checks and would add additional disqualifiers for citizens wishing to purchase a firearm.

As a reminder the Senate Law & Justice Committee passed the following bill out of committee last week:

SB 5078: A bill that eliminates immunity for firearm manufacturers and allows citizens to sue businesses for misuse of lawfully made and sold products. *(Likely won’t be heard next week)

Over the past few legislative cycles in Washington State, the firearm industry has been successful in narrowly stopping multiple efforts by the legislature to ban Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). But given the results of the 2022 election, the threat is still very real.

NSSF needs you to contact your legislators today!

Click Here to find your legislators.

What: House Civil Rights & Judiciary CommitteeWhen: Friday, January 27, 2023Time: 10:30 a.m. (PST)Location: In Person HHR A and / or Virtual (link below) Additional Resources:

Click here for additional information on the hearing

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