[SHOT 2023] Allegheny Gun Works (AGW) XM9 Hushpuppy Project By: Nicholas C


The Hushpuppy Beretta pistol is a holy grail for some. A few years ago, Knights Armament opened up their vaults and sold a limited run of these pistols. They sold for $8,500. Well for those of you who missed out on the Knight’s Armament XM9 Hushpuppy there will be an alternate solution coming soon. Josh Rowe of Allegheny Gun Works (AGW) is working on his own XM9 Hushpuppy project.

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AGW XM9 Hushpuppy

AGW used to reprofile Beretta 92 to have a Vertex-style grip. Well, now he is focusing on making a modern XM9 Hushpuppy. This involves modifying a 92 barrel. It is turned down and an extension is installed. Then they machine the slots for the QD mount. See below.

AGW’s XM9 Hushpuppy project will have a serviceable and modular suppressor. It will have serviceable baffles with a single wipe in the end cap.

There is a support piece that keeps the wipe in place in front of the baffle stack.

Here is the AGX XM9 Hushpuppy in the short configuration.

Josh says the tone is fantastic and like standard wipes, it is only great for 20 rounds or so. But replacements will be available. You can still shoot the XM9 Hushpuppy project but it will not be as quiet with a newer wipe. AGW plans to sell the suppressor with a blank adapter piece for around $850. You will need to send in your barrel to be modified. A competent gunsmith can do the modification but it is not as easy as it looks. It would be better to send your barrel to them to get threaded and have the adapter installed. At least that way the can will be under warranty. If someone else does the barrel modification, that will void the warranty. No iron sights on the can like the original Knights versions. I have a KAC Beretta Hushpuppy barrel on my 92A1 and when Josh has a Hushpuppy suppressor ready he will send it to my FFL for testing. He will be offering up a limited run combined with the Modarmory slide locked pistols for $3,000.

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