Armed Neighbor Defends Texas Home from Suspected Burglar By: Kimber Pearce

(Photo: ABC13/Twitter)

A suspected burglar in NorthWest Houston was shot and killed last weekend when his intended target’s neighbor pulled a gun. 

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Houston police said the victim (neighbor) was at home late Saturday night when he heard a noise and felt that something was wrong. When he went outside “to investigate” he discovered that his absent neighbor’s house was being broken into by an “unknown male.”

Police Commander Kenneth Campbell told KTRK that the victim then “confronted the person.” 

KHOU reports that the burglar then lunged at the well-meaning neighbor. The victim “was in fear for their safety” said the police, and discharged a firearm that he had on his person.

The burglar was hit once in the chest and died, despite receiving attention from emergency personnel that arrived to help. The good neighbor was not hurt. 

The victim stayed and cooperated with the police, and his case is now being referred to a grand jury. 

The home where this all occurred was in fact empty at the time, and authorities informed the public that its owners have been made aware of the incident. They are very lucky that they have a neighbor who is willing to look out for them. 

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