Home Product Reviews Turn Your P320 into an SBR: Flux Raider — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim

Turn Your P320 into an SBR: Flux Raider — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim

Turn Your P320 into an SBR: Flux Raider — SHOT Show 2023   By: Levi Sim

Flux Defense decided you need a brace for your P320, giving you a concealable short-barreled rifle. Their Raider is a new grip module that gives you a quick-deploying brace and a larger frame for better accuracy.

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The Flux Raider is compact and adds functionality to your P320 pistol.
This lever at the top deploys the spring-loaded brace.

With the flick of a lever, the brace shoots out and locks in place. Although the brace was not intended to be shouldered, with the new ATF rule this will be classified as an SBR so you might as well shoulder it, after you fill out the relevant forms and pay the tax stamp, of course.

The chassis adds an AR-like safety switch. It also adds a magazine holder in front of the trigger guard.

Sliding this button forward drops the mag from the grip and drops the spare mag from the forward mag holder.

This mag holder is cool because it drops the extra mag when you drop the mag that is in the grip. This is a very fast way to switch magazines and the flared mag well helps, too.

The brace shoots out and locks in place immediately and rigidly.
The chassis provides a higher optics mount.

The chassis also adds a high optics mount and a rail under the barrel for lights.

Flux Defense’s Raider chassis for full-size P320 pistols is in production now, but you’ll have to get on a list to place your order. MSRP: $489

  • Dual Mag Release system for lightning fast reloads (Patent Pending)
  • Flared mag well
  • 2X QD sling positions.
  • More ideal optic mount height (pic rail)
  • Spare battery compartment.
  • New closed system for reliability against dust and debris.
  • Dimensions 11”L X 6”H X 1.7”W
  • Lighter: 18 oz (Chassis only) 40oz (assembled)
  • Chrome Moly Steel Nitride finish for maritime use.
  • Easier installation and improved ergonomics.
  • Now accepts larger diameter suppressors.

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