Home Product Reviews MK Machining Bullpups A Tikka — SHOT Show 2023 By: Riley Baxter

MK Machining Bullpups A Tikka — SHOT Show 2023 By: Riley Baxter

MK Machining Bullpups A Tikka — SHOT Show 2023   By: Riley Baxter
The new MK2 Bullpup Chassis for the Tikka T3 is shown here with a side panel removed, exposing the trigger and safety linkage.

MK Machining is a company in Hallsville, Missouri that manufactures 3D-printed throw levers for optics, bullpup rifle chassis, and everything in between.

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This Year at SHOT Show, they released a new MK2 Bullpup Chassis for the Tikka T3 short action. For years, MK Machining has been tweaking the design of their bullpup chassis until they couldn’t possibly remove any more weight. This brings us to the current MK2 iteration that is offered for the Remington 700 short and long actions as well as the newly released model that fits the Tikka T3 short action. All versions accept AICS-style magazines.

The only difference between a Tikka T3 short action and long action is a different bolt stop and magazine. So why the distinction for the MK2 Bullpup Chassis?

This chassis will accept either action, but it is currently only offered with a magazine well cut for a short action magazine. That said, a long action chassis that will fit the long action magazine is in the works.

This MK 2 Tikka T3 chassis is designed to accept short-action AICS-style magazines, but a long-action compatible chassis is in the works.

The MK2 Bullpup Tikka T3 Chassis is four pounds heavy but takes about a foot of length off of your rifle system. This is especially handy when you run a suppressor on your rifle.

A suppressed rifle with a conventional stock can suddenly feel like a lance in your hands. But this suppressed bullpup balances nicely and is a manageable length.

With a 16″ barrel, making this a rifle in the eyes of the law, the muzzle barely sticks out past the end of the handguard. This is a major advantage to the bullpup design.

This chassis system has many features that are desirable in a long-range platform. These include an ARCA Swiss rail on the forend, adjustable length-of-pull, adjustable cheekpiece height, 20 MOA optics rail, and an adjustable 2-stage trigger.

This handguard has M-LOK up and down both sides with 10-32 tapped holes between each, maximizing attachment possibilities.

Once the Tikka T3 action is nestled into this chassis, it becomes a beautiful thing. Because pre-fit barrels are readily available for the Tikka T3 action, barrel changes and caliber swaps are a breeze, if that’s your thing. This is more of a feature of the action than the chassis though.

The MK2 chassis has a fully adjustable length of pull as well as a fully adjustable cheekpiece height.

Some bullpups are known for their bad triggers, probably due to poor execution of the long linkage that has to run from the trigger to the firing mechanism toward the rear of the gun.

The trigger on the MK2 Bullpup Chassis for the Tikka V3 feels amazing though! This chassis has brass guides for the linkages and a custom two-stage Timney trigger that comes set at two pounds.

The included Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG) brings the trigger finger into proper alignment with the trigger shoe and places the hand in an ergonomic position. The safety can also be comfortably operated with the trigger finger. On this chassis, it is located at the front of the trigger guard as a lever that is swept forward or backward.

This chassis is currently shipping and can be had for $1,999.99, so get on the list if you want one.

The Vertical Crossover Grip that the MK2 chassis comes with is fantastic, but many AR-style grips fit if you ever looked to swap it out.

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Other Pictures

The optics rail attaches to the chassis and features a 20 MOA incline.
A look at the paddle-style magazine release.
A look at the left side of the MK2 Bullpup Chassis.

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