MDT’s ACC Elite Chassis: All the Bells and Whistles for Precision Shooters — SHOT Show 2023 By: Jeff Cramblit


Well, the title is somewhat of an understatement. “Bells and whistles,” doesn’t come even close to doing justice to all the upgrades, engineering, and ergonomics work that has been included in this new MDT ACC Elite Chassis system.

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MDT incorporated multiple upgrades, features and revisions into the new ACC Elite, and it truly leaves little to be desired for precision shooting.

Toolless adjustable cheek rest.

I’m not even sure where to start describing this chassis. Before we even get into all the features let me just say this is a solid piece of kit.

It’s hefty, and rigid, and they have added a connector bar from the bottom of the grip to the bottom of the stock to make it even more so on the back end.

The cheek rest can be adjusted to the perfect height with the turn of a thumb screw, and it is covered with a soft material that is much more comfortable than hard plastic.

Under the cheek rest is the magnetic storage for the two hex keys needed to do most anything with the chassis system.

The tools you need right there when you need them.

The SRS-X Elite buttstock comes with 1-inch spaces in addition to the built-in adjustment of the stock to perfectly tune it for the shooter or position. The adjustment range of the buttstock allows for straighter recoil absorption and more control.

The buttstock allows for positive adjustment to fit the shooter.
  • Material                      Hard Anodized Aircraft-Grade 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight                        6.1 lbs
  • Length of pull          12.25 – 14.75 inches
  • Overall Length          37.4 inches
  • Forend                         19 inches with integrated ARCA rail and M-LOK mounting points
  • Fits                              Remington Short Actions (other models coming)
  • MSRP                          $1599
Connector bar and adjustable vertical grip.

This chassis reminds me of a finely tuned sporting clays gun; where gun fit and it hitting exactly where you’re looking is imperative.

Along with the cheek rest and buttstock, the vertical pistol grip is adjustable and so are the thumb rest and the magazine release.

A forend designed to be the answer for whatever you need.

Everything on this chassis system can be tuned for the shooter’s ultimate success. The 19-inch forend has an ARCA rail the entire length on the bottom. M-LOK mounting points are everywhere for adding MDT weights to get just the right balance for the rifle.

It also has threaded holes on the top of the rail for adding in the night vision hood or control bridge over the top of the barrel.

QD swivel holes are on the forend and back on the stock for sling attachment. The front of the magazine well is wide and solid to be used as a barricade stop. 

The magazine well is drilled for Delrin rods to minimize play in the magazine.

The MDT ACC Elite Chassis is not inexpensive but it is designed to help top-level competitors get to the winner’s podium, or for shooters to build a tack-driving rifle that could.

When you look at all the features, machine work, engineering, and upgrades from the lessons learned from years of competition you can begin to appreciate the value that is packed in this chassis system.

For more information, Visit MDT HERE.

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