Laugo Arms: Alien, Creator Edition By: Kat Ainsworth


It can be difficult to find something truly unique in the world of handguns, but there are a few designs out there that stand out. One such design is the Alien pistol made by the Czech company Laugo Arms. The Alien launched amid much fanfare a few years ago, and now there’s a new gun coming from Laugo: The Alien Creator Edition. This edition of the pistol is for the United States commercial market specifically, and only, and boasts a number of upgrades that give it an edge over the original handgun.

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laugo arms alien creator edition pistol
The Laugo Arms Alien Creator Edition is specifically made for the American market. (Photo credit: The Truth About Guns)

The Laugo Arms Alien Creator Edition is a 9x19mm Parabellum designed to be the ultimate in customization while delivering impressive performance on target. This is a full-sized handgun, making it ideal for range use, competition, or perhaps home defense. Changes made to this edition include a more upright grip that’s more in line with a 1911 frame than the Glock-like angle of the original Alien.

When it comes to fitting the gun to the shooter, it’s hard to imagine a handgun with more options than the Alien Creator Edition. This gun has numerous grip panel options for both size and color and front and backstrap pieces, too. Then there’s the slide, which has an uppermost portion that can be changed out between a few styles as well. One gun with countless looks, fits, and uses.

laugo arms alien creator
The gun comes with different options for the grip panels and slide. (Photo credit: Laugo Arms)

Some features of the Alien Creator Edition remain the same, and for the better. That includes its low bore axis, gas delay system, and the non-reciprocating topmost portion of the slide. According to Laugo Arms, the Alien Creator Edition produces approximately five degrees of muzzle rise during live fire which is impressively minimal. That makes this an incredibly flat shooting pistol capable of stellar results on target.

The Alien Creator Edition will be distributed from the Laugo Arms Nevada facility. Certain details haven’t been finalized yet, such as the specifics of grip panels and what’s included with the gun itself, but it’s clear this will be a high-quality pistol.

MSRP for the Laugo Arms Alien Creator Edition is not yet set but is expected to be around $6500.00.