JMAC Customs Keymount Muzzle Brake – Tame the Beast By: Travis Pike


As someone always looking to learn, I’ve been looking at common platforms that I’m not that experienced with. The AK is one of those platforms. I love the classic Cold War AK, but admittedly I’m stuck in the stone age. I’ve begun to look at the world of the AK and what’s new and great within that field. That leads me to the JMAC Customs KeyMount muzzle device. 

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I’m fairly familiar with the idea of a 14.5 M4 barrel using a pinned and welded muzzle device. These permanently attached devices bring the total length to 16 inches and stay out of the realm of the NFA. I had no idea people did the same thing with their AK rifles. 

JMAC designs a KeyMount muzzle device to do this and one for more standard 16-inch barrels. Keep in mind that the two models are different, and you don’t want to purchase the model intended for a 14.5-inch barrel for a 16-inch barrel and vice versa. Other than that, what sets the brake apart from the rest of the AK Muzzle devices? 

The Humble AK and the KeyMount

My experience with AK muzzles is limited to the old slant muzzle device, the Krinkov style flash can style device, and at one point, a Tapco Razr. I know, but I was young, and it looked cool. I haven’t tried anything too modern, so this was a new experience. The KeyMount muzzle device isn’t just a brake but acts as a means to attach a Dead Air Silencers suppressor to the gun. 

I don’t have one, but now I kind of want one, if only to make the best out of a 135-dollar investment. The brake is 2.82 inches long, but 1.32 inches of that sleeves the barrel. The additional length is only 1.5 inches added to the gun. In that 1.5 inches, we get four ports for recoil reduction. It’s made from 17-4ph Stainless for blast-proof strength and weighs 3.5 ounces. 

At the Range 

AK rifles aren’t shoulder bruisers by any means, but they do have some noticeable recoil when compared to other intermediate-caliber rifles. The 5.45 variants have much less recoil than the standard 7.62 models. That’s why everyone loves the 5.45, weight savings and better effective range. 

However, the 7.62x39mm remains a hammer when it comes to hard cover. If you want to keep that hammer-like prowess without the recoil, then the JMAC KeyMount brake is for you. It takes a 7.62 AK and makes it feel like a 5.45 AK. It’s an impressive degree of recoil reduction. 

You always expect some, but then sometimes you get absolutely blown away. I was blown away by how well this thing worked. It cut out recoil but also didn’t provide any noticeable increase in flash. I’m not firing under NVGs, but for standard daylight shooting, it’s perfectly fine. There is a lot of noise, and you wouldn’t make friends at an indoor range. 

The KeyMount Brake delivers as promised. It’s an impressive showing and an effective way to convince me to try suppressing my AK.