[SHOT 2023] Aero Precision Solus Bolt Action Rifle By: Nicholas C


At SHOT Show 2023 Aero Precision unveiled their new Solus bolt action. It was announced last year but now they have more concrete information and specs for their new entry in the precision bolt gun market.

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The Solus bolt action will use savage small shank. Ballistic Advantage will be cutting the barrel rifling and barrel profile. The action is also their own. In fact the entire gun except for the trigger which is by trigger tech. The action will be made to the same footprint as the Remington 700 short action.

The Solus bolt will have a 60º throw. The chassis is of their own design. It will accept AICS magazines. The grip is their own vertical pistol grip but the Solus chassis will take any AR compatible pistol grip. They will have adjustable thumb rests that you can install on the sides of the Solus chassis.

The Solus mag catch is adjustable for better fit when using magazine that are out of spec.

The stock is fully adjustable. Cant, cheek rest, comb height, and length of pull are all adjustable. At the bottom of the stock is a bag rider and QD sling studs.

The chassis will ship with a fixed stock but a folding adapter will be offered later on.

The fore end of the chassis has QD sling studs, MLOK slots and ARCA dovetail.

Along with the folding adapter, Aero will be selling night vision/mirage hoods later down the line.

The Solus action will retail for $899 while the chassis will be sold for $799. A complete rifle will be sold for around $1,999. It is currently available in a 22″ barrel chambered in 6.5 creed moor.

Aero Solus bolt action

The rifles shown were SBRs. They will be releasing full size chassis and rifles first before offering shortened versions. For more information go to Aero Precision’s website.