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SHOT Show 2023 is almost here and the anticipation is killing us. Of course, the staff of Personal Defense World will be there covering the show for you, but why not beat the rush and start early? Typically, many companies are a little hush-hush about what they will be displaying at SHOT. However, some companies like to whet our whistle and give us a little preview. Here’s a small sample of the personal defense/concealed carry items we are looking forward to next week.

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Getting a Jump on SHOT Show 2023

Versacarry Holsters

Versacarry Holsters.

Makers of high-quality, vegetable-tanned Water Buffalo Leather holsters, Versacarry plans to showcase a host of new holsters. Specifically, everything from OWB, IWB, and shoulder holsters will be represented. The company offers holsters ranging from 100% leather to leather/polymer combinations. As a result, comes custom molded, heavy-duty holsters with great aesthetic appeal.

For more information, please visit Versacarry.com.

Falco Holsters EDC Holsters

SHOT Show 2023: Falco Holsters EDC Holsters.

Known for high quality leather concealed carry holsters, Falco will be bringing a collection of new holsters for 2023. The company will have some traditional leather offerings with the recognizable Falco look as well as some new innovations. Among the products Falco plans to bring are Level 2 retention holsters, multi-fit leather optics-ready holsters, EDC bags, concealed carry belt pouches, and the first ever 3D-printed OWB and IWB holsters.

For more information, please visit FalcoHolsters.com.

Polymer80 Color Matching Complete Pistols

Polymer80 Color Matching Complete Pistols.

Polymer80 designs and develops products that allow the customer to participate in the build process with high-quality parts kits. However, the company also offers complete pistols, and will be previewing its color matching complete pistols at SHOT. The popular PFC9, PFS9, and PFSC9 will be represented in five new colorways, including black, gray, cobalt, FDE, and ODG. Additionally, slides and slide assemblies will also be available in all five colors.

For more information, please visit Polymer80.com.

FN 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical

SHOT Show 2023: FN 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical.

Although they have already been released, the 510 Tactical and 545 Tactical from FN America will be present. As they are brand new pistols, we are excited to get our hands on them, especially that 10mm. Featuring an optic cut, threaded recessed target crowned barrel, target-grade trigger, interchangeable backstraps, the pistols include excellent capacity. Bring on the big bore goodness.

For more information, please visit FNAmerica.com.

Zenk RZMK-357 Bullpup Revolver

Zenk RZMK-357 Bullpup Revolver.

You just never know what you will find at SHOT Show and innovation is typically around every corner. Rumor has it that the Zenk RZMK-357 will make an appearance at this year’s SHOT Show. The RZMK-357 combines a semi-auto style frame with a revolver in a bullpup-style platform. We’re not sure what to think about it yet but we will definitely take a look if it’s there. The RZMK-357 is chambered in .357 and .38 Special and features a double action.

For more information, please visit Zenk.us.

Liberty Ammunition OverWatch Self-Defense Ammo

SHOT Show 2023: Liberty Ammunition OverWatch Self-Defense Ammo.

Although there aren’t a lot of available details yet, the OverWatch self-defense ammo from Liberty Ammunition looks very promising. The ammo was designed at the request of a government agency and features an “Open Cavity Design” with the feature of a delayed rupture. According to the company OverWatch provides terminal performance through hydrostatic shock and deep penetration. The ammunition will be available in all calibers for law enforcement/government agencies as well as core self-defense calibers for civilians.

For more information, please visit LibertyAmmo.com.

Federal Ammunition Handgun Ammo

Federal Ammunition Handgun Ammo.

Federal Ammunition will be revealing new handgun ammunition specific to self-defense and competition shooting. Specifically, the company will be showcasing new offerings in Federal’s Train + Protect, Punch, and Gold Medal product lines. Ideal for self-defense, Federal blended Punch ammunition with 30 Super Carry, for a round that’s far easier to shoot effectively. Likewise, the new Train + Protect will be available in 10mm Auto and features a VHP bullet for practical performance and instant expansion on impact. Finally, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, the new Gold Medal Action Pistol line lets you compete at the highest level.

For more information, please visit FederalPremium.com.

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