Home Product Reviews SHOT 2023: Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 By: Kat Ainsworth

SHOT 2023: Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 By: Kat Ainsworth

SHOT 2023: Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9   By: Kat Ainsworth

There are a lot of defensive handguns out there, but not all of them are built to handle dedicated use, and even fewer are entirely made in the USA. Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 is all that and more. The Vulcan 9 is a hammer-fired pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, made with a serious eye on detail for the purpose of self-defense. This newest offering from Lionheart Industries arrives under the company’s slogan “excellence comes standard.”

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lionheart industries vulcan 9
The Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 is a hammer-fired pistol designed for defensive purposes. (Photo credit: Lionheart Industries)

The Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 is a compact pistol with a bevy of carry-friendly features including some specific to the gun maker’s own design. According to the manufacturer, the gun is made using high-grade and precision materials to deliver the best possible everyday carry gun. The Vulcan 9 has a standard 3.7-inch barrel, although there is also a threaded 4.3-inch barrel available. The standard barrel has an overall length of 6.9 inches, a height of 5.0 inches not including optics, and an empty weight of approximately 24.0 ounces.

Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9 optics
The gun is optics-ready but uses a different mounting platform than many other optics-ready designs. (Photo credit: Lionheart Industries)

This optics-ready gun doesn’t require adapter plates like so many other brands do. Instead, it’s MRDS-ready and has a screw pattern that’s compatible with a variety of red dots. According to the gun maker, compatible optics include the Holosun407k/507k, Shield RMSc, Trijicon RMRcc, Sig RomeoZero Elite, and others with a similar footprint. The gun ships with a cover plate in place that can be removed should the gun owner choose to place a red dot on their gun.

trigger of vulcan 9
The gun features the company’s own J trigger to facilitate greater trigger control and repeatable performance. (Photo credit: Lionheart Industries)

Features of the Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9:

  • Chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum.
  • The compact size is ideal for concealed carry.
  • 3.7-inch standard barrel length, although a threaded barrel is also available.
  • J shape trigger promotes consistent finger placement and improved accuracy.
  • Rapid Engagement Grip System of grooves and rests on the frame and grip facilitate a firm hold which, in turn, enhances accuracy on target.
  • Lionheart Industries’ Tru-Axis barrel for longevity, durability, and accuracy.
  • Flush-fit 15-round magazine.
  • Bobbed hammer to reduce risk of snagging.
  • Black DLC coated 416R stainless OR black nitride 416R stainless barrel, both for resistance to wear.
  • Angled serrations at the front and rear of the slide for easier manipulation.
  • Accessory rail ahead of the trigger guard for weapon-mounted lights and lasers.
  • Optional aluminum multitool baseplate that snaps into place and is held by the follower spring plate for adjusting grip screws and red dot mounting screws.
multitool base plate add on
The optional multitool baseplate means you always have the tools on hand to adjust red dot screws and grip screws. (Photo credit: Lionheart Industries)

MSRP for the Vulcan 9 starts at $1200.00.