SHOT 2023: B&T Importing Suppressors & Other Gear By: Patti Miller


In addition to the Dragunov import, B&T has a whole host of suppressors, firearms, and SVD rifles the company will be importing to the US in 2023. Here are a few highlights from B&T’s SHOT Show booth.

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SVD Imports

As previously covered, B&T is working with FEG, a Hungarian firearms manufacturer, to import the HD-18 Dragunov-style sporting rifle. B&T has stated that the original import of close to 80 rifles are already stateside at B&T dealers with more of the rifles expected later this year. B&T has also stated that the HD-18 is the first for the Imports line of weapons.

Dragunov rifle
B&T has started importing the Hungarian Dragunov 7.62×54 sniper rifle. The first batch of 80 rifles has made it stateside with many more coming over the next six to eight months. The rifle is similar to the one shown above, and will come in a package with a scope and mount, two magazines, and a muzzle device. (Photo credit: Shooting Illustrated)

APC9 Limited

B&T also showed the APC9 Limited rifle with two versions coming to market soon. The APC9 Limited has a metal lower, MBT stock, and a non-reciprocating charging handle. It will also have a flat-face trigger and will be available with the choice of two different barrel lengths: 6.7 inches or 8.9 inches. The APC9 Limited is reported to have an MSRP of $2,900.


The BWC, originally seen in Switzerland, has received some upgrades for import. It has a grip safety and other refinements to the design, like cuts in the carry handle for an optic adjustment. According to reports, the BWC will be shipping in a package with the ACRO P2. There is no definitive word on pricing, but the package is expected to start shipping around summer 2023.

B&T BWC9 import
B&T had a whole host of items for display at SHOT Show. One was the BWC9 rifle with a few upgraded features since it was first announced. (Photo credit: TFB)


The SPC10 has been updated as well since it was first introduced. It will now have an upgraded Glock magazine that brings the SPC10 capacity up to 30 rounds instead of the original 10 rounds. The MSRP for the SPC10 is said to be $2,695 and is set to come out in late summer 2023.

B&T also has 30-round upgraded Glock APC45 magazines. They come as complete magazine from B&T and have a price tag of $80.


B&T, no stranger to the suppressor world, has upgraded its offerings to include the lightweight M.A.R.S. QD suppressor weighing only 15 ounces. This model, along with all other M.A.R.S. QD suppressors, are compatible with B&T Rotex style mount in addition to SureFire pattern mounts. The M.A.R.S. QD suppressor has an MSRP of $675.

Other stuff

B&T has a few other items in its booth of note. The first is silencers made under license by B&T from the Laugo Alien brand. The suppressor features a small recessed mounting collar to accommodate the Alien’s design.

Alien suppresor imports by B&T
B&T Is also producing suppressors under license from the Laugo Alien brand. (Photo credit: TFB)

In addition to the suppressors, the company is also offering suppressor covers for its suppressor lines. Also, B&T will be bringing in SchleTek cleaning products from Germany. The products are reported to include cleaning chemicals for firearms, optics, and a special suppressor cleaning solution.