Black Collar Arms Has Grips, Tactical Guitar Slings, and A Large Box (Mag) — SHOT Show 2023 By: Riley Baxter


Black Collar Arms has released three new products this year at SHOT; the Priapus Grip, Black Box Magazine, and the Desperado.

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If you aren’t familiar with them, Black Collar Arms is a firearm manufacturing company based in Central Texas that knows how to have fun marketing its products while still releasing useful and innovative firearms and parts.

This is evidenced by their naming convention. Black Collar’s popular Pork Sword Chassis has been the foundation for a myriad of bolt action rifle and pistol builds that range from resourceful to ridiculous.

I have one such build that is a 375 Raptor SBR which I’d place at the top of my list of favorite firearms. Black Collar’s slogan is, “Whether you’re blue collar or white collar, if you’re pro-Second Amendment you’re black collar.”

And if you ever talk to any of the guys at Black collar Arms, you’ll understand that they are welcoming and live by this sense of outcast camaraderie.

Priapus Grip

As mentioned, Black Collar Arms finds joy in naming products. The Priapus Grip is named after the son of the Greek Gods Aphrodite and Dionysus. Priapus is the god of procreation, and his marble likenesses look, appropriately, slightly different than most Greek statues.

The grip, though, is a combination of the currently popular tactical and precision rifle designs. With its vertical stance, it increases control and adds a PRS-style feel to the lightweight and small profile of a tactical AR-style grip.

Of course, this grip is a compatible replacement for any AR-style grip. The Priapus grip features recessed, smooth fields on all four sides of the grip that are designed to hold skateboard grip tape.

Because it takes any grip tape, you can get fancy with designs, different grit, or different materials. Black Collar offers an aggressive sandpaper texture, as well as tactile, rubber-textured grips. These can be had for $39.99 on the Black Collar Arms website currently.

The Priapus grip can accept many different patterns and textures of grip tape.

Options and Cost

  • $39.99 MSRP
  • black skateboard grip tape
  • black rubber pebble grip tape
  • brown skateboard grip tape
  • grey skateboard grip tape
  • OD green skateboard grip tape
  • can be customized with any personally sourced grip tape options
The Priapus Grip has textured grip tape on all four surfaces.


Desperado is a system that allows the user to have a guitar strap as a rifle sling. This design is simple and ingenious because guitar straps were designed specifically to be comfortable, secure, and incredibly fashionable. Also, guitar strap locks such as those from Schaller and Fender have quick detach functionality.

Schaller locks, specifically, have a ramped surface that allows the user to simply slide the lock onto the Desperado and it secures itself. Other locks need to be lifted up to be attached and removed.

You can purchase these guitar strap locks from Black Collar or purchase your own. Like anything, quality varies with price and you can find something to fit your budget.

The QD Desperado (located on the left) securely holds the Schaller strap lock (shown on the right, attached to the strap).

Because of the many ways to secure a sling to a gun, it seems that Black Collar is making Desperados for everything. Options include QD Desperados, M-Lok Desperados, Picatinny rail Desperados, universal Desperados, and swivel stud Desperados. That’s a lot of Desperados.

Prices for these options are $19.99 with the exception of the QD Desperado which costs $24.99 due to the increased intricacy of the part. Like with the strap locks, guitar straps vary in price but some can be found on Amazon for as low as $8. If you prefer, Black Collar also sells several guitar straps for $29.99 on their website.

Another view of the QD Desperado (front left), and the Schaller guitar strap locks.
A view of a guitar strap secured to a Pork Sword Chassis via the Desperado.

Black Box Magazines

The Black Box is an incredibly simple, double-stack magazine that can be used in place of short-action AICS-style magazines. It is made to accept 5.56x45mm-sized cases, which includes the popular 300 Blackout.

Because 9×19 cartridges are the same diameter as 5.56×45, Black Collar was able to cleverly deduce that the diameter and feed angle of popular 9mm magazines are what is needed to create a reliable, double-stack magazine such as this one.

Because AICS footprint magazines are all single stack by convention, the Black Box will fit 50% more rounds while still having a shorter length. This 15-round magazine is still noticeably shorter than a 10-round AICS-style magazine. The black box is currently available on the Black Collar Arms website on sale for less than the $49.95 MSRP.

The Black Box has recesses built into it that will hold skateboard grip tape, just like the Priapus Grip.
A 10-round AICS-style magazine next to the Black Box that holds 15 rounds.

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