[SHOT 2023] New Suppressors – Gemtech Abyss & Neutron By: Matt E


Gemtech came out strong this year at SHOT Show with the addition of two new suppressor lines as well as a new upper receiver system. Gemtech was acquired by Smith & Wesson a coupe years ago and it appears they have been working around the clock to develop a number of new products. Heres what they had at their both this year at SHOT Show. Heres a quick look at some of Gemtech’s new suppressors.

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Abyss 5.56 Suppressor

The Abyss 5.56 suppressor is their newest offering to the suppressor market. Gemtech says this newest addition is the one of the best suppressors on the market for hard use while cutting down on decibels and gas blowback. The overall suppressor is made of lightweight titanium with the internal blast chambered being made of stainless steel. This combination makes the Abyss an incredibly lightweight option while maintaining the ability to be full auto rated and deal with abuse. Overall weight on the Abyss 5.56 is 14.5oz  and MSRP is currently set at $850.

Abyss Press Release

Gemtech®, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the ABYSSTM 5.56 suppressor.

The durability of the all-new Abyss sets the standard within the heavy use suppressor category.Built on five of Gemtech’s patent-pending technologies, its design allows rounds to pass through while gasses expand into the baffle spaces, lowering pressure, minimizing muzzle flash, and significantly reducing decibels. The Abyss also lessens back pressure by routing gasses forward, away from the shooter for increased comfort and reliability.

Constructed from stainless steel and titanium components, this suppressor is designed with greater wall thickness, durability, and can easily be mounted to barrels through direct thread standards or through Gemtech’s proprietary flash hider, the ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount). The Abyss offers full-size suppression with compact, lightweight convenience and is fully rated for both short barrels and full-auto operation. Let the Abyss absorb all distractions so you can focus on advanced precision.

Gemtech® is proud to introduce the ABYSSTM 5.56 Suppressor. Leave Nothing to Chance.

MSRP: $849.00

Neutron 7.62 Suppressor

Much like the Abyss 5.56, the Neutron is a lightweight option from Gemtech chambered in 7.62 allowing people to run everything up to a 300 magnum out of it without any issue. Much like the Abyss series, the Neutron 7.62 utilities a titanium outer shell and internals with the blast chamber being made of stainless steel to ensure durability. The forward gas design allows for less blow back with less muzzle flash from other cans of its type. Weight for the Neutron 7.62 is only slightly heavier with it being just 14.6oz making it incredibly lightweight for a larger 7.62 can. The Neutron 7.62 is goin to be priced with an MSRP around $830.

Neutron Press Release

Gemtech®, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the all-new NEUTRONTM 7.62 suppressor.

If you’re looking for a versatile suppressor that strikes the perfect balance between size, strength, and weight, then look no further than the Neutron. Designed with four of Gemtech’s patent-pending technologies, this 6.6-inch suppressor is durable enough to withstand full-automatic applications while, at the same time, light enough for extended all-day use. The Neutron is compatible with HUB 1.375-24 thread standards, accepts a wide range of mounting hardware, and comes with Gemtech’s ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount), which provides precise alignment and helps resist carbon lock. It has a tubeless construction that helps eliminate unneeded weight and a high-efficiency baffle design for superior sound reduction.

Decrease decibels and increase shooter comfort with the new Gemtech®NEUTRONTM 7.62 suppressor.

MSRP: $829.00

GVAC Upper Receiver

Gemtech’s new GVAC upper receiver was designed to help reduce the overall amount of gas blowback experienced from shooting suppressed. The GVAC upper receiver comes with their ETM (Elite Taper Mount) system which is the same system for their suppressors. This combined with the tuned barrel and gas block for suppressed shooting allows the shooter to experience less gas blowback as well as felt recoil. The complete upper comes with a Midwest Industries 15″ free float MLOK hand guard for easy attachments. Reps say the upper should be available relatively soon with an MSRP set at $839.99

GVAC Press Release

Gemtech®, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the mid-length GVACTM Upper Receiver Group.

The Gemtech GVAC is a complete upper assembly optimized for suppressed shooting. With its patented design, the GVAC barrel and gas system significantly reduces gas blowback and mitigates recoil in order to enhance the shooting experience and maximize performance. Its newly designed 16.1-inch barrel profile transfers weight back toward the chamber to improve control and is fitted for Gemtech’s proprietary flash hider, the ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount), which provides precise alignment and helps resist carbon lock.

The GVAC has a self-regulating Direct-Impingement system that includes an additional chamber to collect and counter the gases that can add recoil when shooting suppressed. The assembly is protected inside a 15-inch lightweight handguard that features a Picatinny top rail and 7-sided M-LOK® channels for the use of compatible accessories.

Redefine suppressed shooting with the Gemtech®GVACTM.

 MSRP: $839.00

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