Safely Conceal on the Go with a Headrest Safe — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim

The Headrest Safe could be the right tool to keep your gun securely concealed in the car.

Safes can be concealed between the studs of your walls, under your desk, and — now — in the headrest of your car seat. That previously under-utilized real estate could be a great place to conceal a weapon and other valuables inside your car.

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The Headrest Safe’s four-button padlock can hold 300 passcodes, and its biometric finger scanner can hold 48 fingerprints.

Plus there’s a keyhole and a port for a USB battery to serve as a backup to the AAA batteries used for power. It’s rated for 100,000 openings on a set of AAAs, but they recommend changing them every year.

Plenty of room for at least one full-size handgun.

The cavity is 11 inches deep, 8 inches high, and 6 inches wide. There’s plenty of room for a full-size handgun, and there’s an insert to hold the gun in an upright position while driving.

Version 2, coming in Spring 2023, will have a removable caddy, as shown below. This design helps in states where guns must be secured from the home to the car to the range.

The universal mounting system should fit any two-post headrest, and there’s also an anchor that locks it inside the seat.
This removable caddy will be available on Version 2, Spring 2023.

The body of the safe is constructed of 18-gauge steel and the door is a tougher 16-gauge.

In order to make it truly camouflaged, you should buy one for each front seat. The matching headrest without a safe goes for $129.

The Headrest Safe is available now. Click HERE to learn more. MSRP: $489.

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