SHOT 2023: New Glocks in the Handgun Market By: Kat Ainsworth


In the world of Glock, there are a number of new entries into the handgun market. Not only is the polymer pistol company expanding its Gen 5 lineup, but they’re also bringing another pistol to the commercial market and promising a new trigger. New Glocks include the Gen 5 Glock 20 and Gen 5 Glock 21 while the brand new arrival to the commercial market is the Glock 47. The potentially new OEM trigger is found in the Glock 47.

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Gen 5 Glock 20

glock gen 5 g20
The Gen 5 Glock 20 is here, which means 10mm fans can now have an updated gun for hunting and defensive use. (Photo credit: Glock)

The Gen 5 Glock 20 is a full-sized handgun chambered in 10mm Auto and offers all the features of the existing Gen 5 guns. This pistol has a 4.61-inch barrel length, 15 +1 capacity, and a 26.63-ounce empty weight. This is an optics-ready gun with a cover plate so it can be used with the factory irons or an aftermarket red dot sight. Gen 5 features include the removal of finger grooves, an nDLC finish for resistance to wear, Glock Modular Backstrap System, and a Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB). This gun is designed for superior performance above and beyond that of prior generations.

Gen 5 Glock 21

gen 5 glock 21 - New Glocks in the handgun market 2023
The Gen 5 Glock 21 is chambered in 45 ACP. (Photo credit:

The Gen 5 Glock 21 is a 45 ACP pistol with a 13 +1 capacity. It has a 4.61-inch barrel, a 25.93-ounce empty weight, and an overall length of 8.07 inches. This gun offers the expected Gen 5 features including fantastic hardness and rust resistance, aggressive frame texturing, and a reversible magazine release. The Gen 5 Glock 21 is also part of the MOS line, meaning it’s optics-ready, making the addition of a red dot sight easy to accomplish. And just like the Gen 5 Glock 20, this pistol is designed for enhanced accuracy and comfort.

Glock 47

Glock 47 - New Glocks in the handgun market 2023
The Glock 47 is a 9mm pistol that was previously made for the US Border Patrol and is now available on the commercial market. (Photo credit: Glock)

The Glock 47 is a 9x19mm Parabellum pistol that was first made for the US Border Patrol in 2019. Until now, it wasn’t available commercially. Although its overall specifications are similar to that of the Gen 5 Glock 17, it does have several differences. For example, the Glock 47 has a shortened dust cover, and it has been noted the OEM trigger is different. According to various sources, the trigger in this pistol is lighter and crisper than prior designs. This pistol has a standard capacity of 17 +1 and an empty weight of 23.21 ounces. Like the other new releases, this is an optics-ready platform.

MSRP is not known at this time but will depend on the specific model.