Put a Dent in Rape with Ounces Pistol — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim


When Bill Osborn’s close family member was raped twice in one night, he decided he could help stop rape by creating a firearm that’s more concealable and more accessible to those who are wary of owning a gun.

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The Ounces Pistol transforms from a thing in your pocket or purse into a bullpup 22.LR pistol with the press of a button and a flick of the hand. But it still has a real trigger and a 3.75″ barrel and weighs just 7.5 ounces.

Folded up, the Ounces Pistol looks nothing like a firearm. Press the blue button to deploy.

Bill figures that this totally non-gun design makes it feel safer to carry. There is absolutely no way it can discharge while folded, and it doesn’t look menacing. But, if the situation is looking hairy, it can be deployed and still concealed in a pocket.

Press the red trigger to fire, and press the green button to fold.

It pops open like a Transformer toy from the ’80s, and it’s pretty cool.

It utilizes a Locked bridge-style semi-automatic action. The magazine is on top and feeds horizontally backward to the action, then drops the casings out the bottom of the grip. The bore axis is very low.

Bill says they’ve got thousands and thousands of rounds through them without failures. He recommends using Federal Punch .22LR ammo.

It’s also very easy to open and load or clean. It pops open to expose the magazine and reveal the barrel and action, which removes easily for cleaning.

The magazine is at the top where those white ribs are visible.
This is the barrel and action.

The magazine holds 10+1 and it cocks and chambers when it is opened, though he recommends carrying it with one in the chamber.

This gun is available now directly from Third Bay, though orders are high and they are growing production “organically.” The good news is that he’s taking orders, but not taking cash until it’s your turn for production. The current cost is $899.

  • 10+1 semi-automatic 22LR pistol approx 8 oz loaded
  • Compact size, lightweight, and secure in the closed state leading to superior convenience for conceal carry
  • Cannot be fired in a closed state but may be deployed rapidly and re-closed as quickly
  • Full-length handle and long barrel length for better control and accuracy
  • Bolt/slide is enclosed – no “slide bite”
  • Very low barrel axis for rapid fire accuracy
  • Very low recoil
  • Locked breech design for power and cleanliness, unique for rimfire
  • Indicator for chambered round
  • Spent cartridges drop out the bottom rather than flung to the side
  • Easy to load magazine with no spring to push against, simultaneous access to magazine cartridges
  • “Racking” is done without having to pull against the main spring and uses the handle for leverage
  • Fast tool-free access to barrel and bolt for ease of cleaning and jam clearance
  • Simple to operate, easy to learn design
  • Doesn’t imprint when conceal-carried

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