[SHOT Show 2023] Kimber Partners with Boot Campaign for SHOT Show By: Matthew Moss


Kimber are hosting the Boot Campaign, which focuses on the wellbeing of US military veterans. To raise money for the nonprofit charity Kimber, as they have in previous years, has introduced a pair of ‘Hero Custom’ firearms. A Hero Custom 1911, a Hero Custom Hunter Pro and a Hero Custom 84M are on display at Kimber’s booth with unique finishes. The two-tone 1911 has an MSRP $1,123 while the Hunter Pro has an MSRP of $1,096.

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Kimber Hero Custom 1911 and Hunter Pro and 84M (Matt Moss/TFB)

 Kimber is hosting the Boot Campaign at the Kimber booth. Kimber is proud to share a space with the Boot Campaign, which is a nonprofit organization that operates with the goal of providing care to treat a variety of diverse health challenges connected to posttraumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injuries, and the symptoms of such ailments, as well as provide nutrition and fitness guidance.

In the past, Kimber and the Boot Campaign have teamed up to bring to market a Boot-Campaign-themed Custom 1911, aptly named the “Hero Custom”, as well as a Micro 9 and Hunter 84M rifle. The Hero Custom 1911 and 84M models will be on display at the Kimber booth as Kimber continues to commit to helping our veterans through the Boot Campaign.

“The Boot Campaign is an incredible veteran-focused organization that truly takes care of service members when they need it most,” stated Marketing Director Everett Deger. “We are excited about what we have done together and look forward to a strong partnership for 2023 and beyond.”

This year, Kimber is donating $100,000 dollars to the Boot Campaign to help the organization remain steadfast in its mission to promote health and wellness among those who have served our country.

Kimber Hero Custom 1911 (Matt Moss/TFB)

Find out more at www.kimberamerica.com

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