SHOT Show 2023 Day 3 — Video Showcase By: Editor


January 19th, 2023

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SHOT Show 2023 Day 3 — Video Showcase

SHOT Show 2023 video showcase

SHOT Show is one of the biggest trade shows of the year among ALL industries. This year there are thousands of exhibitors spread out over two exhibit halls the combined size of 14 football fields! Thankfully a number of YouTubers have been working hard, finding interesting new products in the miles of aisles. Today we feature some notable videos from SHOT Show 2023. The first video in our showcase comes from Backfire, a popular gun-centric YouTube Channel with over 600,000 subscribers. This video spotlights 36 new rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Keep scrolling to view a dozen other videos highlighting a wide variety of new firearms as well as the all-new Mark 7 GENESYS progressive press.

36 New Guns at SHOT Show 2023

You’ll need some patience to get through this entire 17-minute Backfire Channel video, but it’s worth it. The hosts cover three dozen different firearms from multiple manufacturers. There are tactical rifles, hunting rifles, modern sporting rifles, plus a wide selection of new-for-2023 handguns from major manufacturers including S&W, Beretta, and Canik.

New Bolt-Action Rifle from Stag Arms

Stag Arms, a major producer of AR-type rifles, surprised SHOT Show attendees with an all-new, bolt action rifle, the Pursuit Line Bolt Gun. This rifle features a pivot pin behind the action which allows rapid and easy change of stock types. There are many other interesting features in this new bolt-action rifle.

New Beretta and Smith & Wesson Pistols

This 5-minute video was mostly created at the Beretta and Smith & Wesson booths at SHOT Show. Highlights include the new S&W 5.7 pistol (1:50 time-mark, see also S&W video above), which shoots the high-velocity FN 5.7x28mm cartridge. For CCW, there’s a nice little Beretta BX-4 Compact Carry with factory Red Dot sight (1:12). If you want a “Show-Off” pistol, check out the eye-catching faux-gold finish Girsan Hi-Power clone (0:17). Revolver fans will appreciate the massive S&W 350 Legend revolver (1:29).

New Shotguns and Upgraded LUPO Rifle from Benelli

Benelli showcased new shotguns and an enhanced version of its handsome LUPO Rifle, first introduced in 2020. Benelli expanded the choice of LUPO chamberings to include 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Win Mag. The LUPO featured Benelli’s proprietary BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) which is guaranteed against rust and corrosion for 25 years. BE.S.T. is high-gloss, unlike Cerakote. This proprietary finishing technology is a hybrid Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) technology that applies a protective coating to parts. PVD and PECVD processes utilize electricity, radio frequencies, and plasma in a high vacuum environment to deposit a solid coating that precisely and uniformly covers the treated parts.

New Benchmade Knives for 2023

Here is a report from the floor of SHOT Show 2023. The video features a variety of cool new knives for 2023 from Benchmade. Some of these are coming soon, but you can check out all the latest Benchmade knives available at the KnifeCenter website

New Savage 1911 Pistol

You read that right, rifle-maker Savage Arms is now producing a 1911-type pistol and is looks very good. It has ambidextrous controls, a forward rail, target crown, and nice sights. The new Savage 1911 is built built from stainless steel, has a dual recoil spring, machined sear and disconnector. It is offered in three styles: Black Nitride, Stainless, and Two-Tone (black slide, stainless frame). MSRP is $1499.00.

SHOT Show’s Amy Sweezey visited the Lyman booth to look at Lyman’s Mark 7 progressive reloading presses. The Mark 7 line of presses is very advanced. The all-new, automated Mark 7 GENESYS press featured in the video can be set, via a keypad, for a shorter pistol ammo up/down stroke or a longer rifle cartridge stroke. Output is 2500 rounds per hour for pistol and 2000 rounds per hour for rifle! For more info on the GENESYS and other Mark 7 progressives, visit

New Glock Performance Trigger for Gen 5 Pistols

In this episode of TFB-TV, James Reeves interviews champion shooter Shane Coley. The key topic is Glock’s new factory-built Performance Trigger. Yes, Glock is now making a high performance trigger for its Gen 5 pistols. Shane explains all of the relevant details, including a surprisingly reasonable price. This new trigger should be available very soon.


Rise Armament Iconic 2-Stage AR Trigger
Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle

LEFT: Rise Armament claims this is the first-ever “mechanically independent” two-stage trigger for AR-platform rifle. The first stage is 1 pound while the second stage is 2 pounds for 3-pounds total pull weight. As you can see in the video, there is a very short reset — good for 3-gun competition and tactical games.

RIGHT: Here is the new Henry Homesteader semi-auto 9mm rifle as displayed at Industry Day at the Range. This PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) shoots 9x19mm (9mm Luger) pistol ammo. As you can see, recoil is minimal. Testers really liked this new Henry rifle. READ Full Report.

Shadow Systems Pistols

BONUS Video of ELR Shooting at Raton in New Mexico

cutting edge bullets elr raton NMThe SHOT Show TV video from 2022 has a great sequence from Cutting Edge Bullets with big-bore rifles shooting at extreme long range in Raton, NM. This is a nice intro to ELR shooting. Look carefully and you can see advanced optics, Doppler Radar, and other high-tech gear.

SHOT Show 2022 ELR Raton Cutting Edge Bullets

NOTE: The ELR sequence in the video below starts at 23:48 mark, but if you click the center arrow start button the video should start at 23:48:

Parting SHOT — One More Day to Go

SHOT Show 2023

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