Home Product Reviews SHOT 2023: Type-A EG2011 By: Kat Ainsworth

SHOT 2023: Type-A EG2011 By: Kat Ainsworth

SHOT 2023: Type-A EG2011   By: Kat Ainsworth

It’s no surprise the 2011 platform has gained popularity considering the capacity restriction of the original 1911. Unlike the 1911, the 2011 features double-stack capacity which means a wider grip and modern features that lend to greater comfort while shooting. The latest gun to join the 2011 family is the Type-A EG2011, and it’s made with serious attention to detail. The EG2011 is an all-metal handgun designed for stellar durability and superior overall performance.

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type a rifles eg2011
The Type-A EG2011 is an all-metal handgun that was launched at SHOT 2023. (Photo credit: Type-A)
Type-A announced their brand new EG2011 at SHOT Show 2023. According to the manufacturer the design of this pistol involved three years of development and resulted in a pistol with numerous features that set it apart from other similar handguns. The EG2011 was designed and manufactured from the ground up for incredible quality and performance and every gun is hand fitted. Type-A states the first 50 pistols to ship are also part of a special edition offering involving additional products including a Trijicon RMR, a SureFire X300 Ultra, two 20-round magazines, and a holster. 
The gun maker said they’re dedicated to creating the highest quality products possible which is why they work to keep the majority of machining in-house. The 2011 line features components that are mostly being made in the facility, meaning the manufacturer was able to adhere to strict guidelines for production. 
type-a eg2011 in fde
The EG2011 is available with a flat dark earth or black finish. (Photo credit: Type-A)
This handgun utilizes the company’s classic checkering texture on both the slide and grip. Other features include a new optics-ready system that is proprietary to TYPE-A, a precision crowned match grade barrel for fantastic results down range, iron sights at the correct height for co-witnessing with a red dot, and a flared magwell to facilitate rapid magazine changes.

Features of the Type-A EG2011 include:

  • All-metal frame for durability, balance, and to create a flatter-shooting pistol.
  • 9x19mm Parabellum chambering.
  • 5-inch barrel for enhanced accuracy.
  • Optics ready for easy addition of aftermarket red dot sight.
  • Ships with co-witness height iron sights.
  • Trigger pull weight of 3.5 pounds set at the factory.
  • Checkering at the front and back of the slide for ea.sier manipulations.
  • Checkered grip for a firm hold during live fire
  • 20 +1 capacity.
type-a eg2011 black
The pistol is designed for accurate, reliable performance. (Photo credit: Type-A)

MSRP for the Type-A EG2011 is set at $5674 for the special edition models and $4499.99 for the base model.