Home Product Reviews SHOT 2023: Streamlight Stinger Color-Rite Flashlight By: Patti Miller

SHOT 2023: Streamlight Stinger Color-Rite Flashlight By: Patti Miller

SHOT 2023: Streamlight Stinger Color-Rite Flashlight   By: Patti Miller

Streamlight, a leader in high-performance lighting tools, has upgraded its offerings to include a rechargeable LED flashlight in the Stinger Color-Rite.  The Stinger Color-Rite features a high CRI light with true color recognition technology that will be helpful in a variety of first responders, outdoor, automotive, and other applications.

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Streamlight uses a High Color Rendering Index LED in the Stinger Color-Rite for heightened visualization in low light conditions that allow the user to better see the color spectrum like they would in natural lighting. This compact light offers a powerful light of up to 500 lumens.

Streamlight Stinger Color-Rite light
Streamlight has upgraded the Color-Rite family with a Stinger rechargeable flashlight. The Stinger Color-Rite is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and has true color technology to give better color visualization in low-light situations. The light is ideal for first responders and the like. (Photo credit: Streamlight)

“The new Stinger Color-Rite is an excellent lighting choice for military and first responders, technicians, outdoor enthusiasts, and others when performing tasks under darkened conditions that require exacting attention to detail,” said Streamlight Chief Revenue Officer Michael F. Dineen. “Whether searching for trace evidence, examining fire or accident scenes, or working in tight, dark spaces, it prevents color ‘washout’ while also providing ultra-bright light.”

The Stinger Color-Rite uses a high-power warm light 90 CRI LED along with a deep-dish parabolic reflector that helps concentrate the beam. This gives the light optimum peripheral lighting, according to the company. There are three variable lighting modes in addition to the strobe and run times range from five hours on the low setting to 1.5 hours on the high setting for each battery charge.

The light is constructed from 6000 series machined aluminum with an anodized coating to resist corrosion and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens for durability. With the lightweight construction, the Stinger Color-Rite only weighs 12.4 ounces and is just over eight inches long.

The light is powered by a 3-cell, 3.6-volt sub-C battery and is rechargeable up to 1,000 times, and is compatible with any Stinger charger. The Stinger Color-Rite fully charges in 4.5 hours with a USB input, or three hours with a 12V DC input, or slightly longer with the PiggyBack charger (7.5 for USB and 4 for the DC input).

The Stinger Color-Rite from Streamlight has a multi-function, head-mounted push-button switch, along with a non-slip, rubberized grip, and an anti-roll ring to keep the light from rolling away. The Color-Rite is rated for water-resistance operation and is impact resistant up to one meter. The Stinger Color-Rite has an MSRP between $204 and $300.50 depending on the model.

You can get hands-on with the Streamlight Stinger Color-Rite at SHOT booth 11468.