SHOT 2023: Rock Island Armory Li380 Pistol By: Patti Miller


Rock Island Armory, a company that has been delivering guns that are affordable and solid as a rock for three decades, has another great carry option in the Li380 in .380ACP. The Li380 is a part of the Baby Rock Series of weapons from Rock Island Armory.

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While Rock Island Armory is more known for its extensive line of 1911 pistols, this Li380 definitely has some appeal, with some folks calling it a Poor Man’s PPK. The Li380 is an all-metal single-stack pistol with comfortable ergonomics and fixed sights.

Rock Island Armory Li380 pistol
Rock Island Armory has updated its family of pistols to include the Lightening 380ACP, or Li380, pistol. Dubbed the Poor Man’s PPK, the pistol is great for those wanting a smaller package with less recoil. (Photo credit: Rock Island Armory)

The Li380, chambered in .380ACP, is a perfect semi-auto self-defense weapon for those that need something a little smaller with less recoil. The Li380 has a 3.55-inch barrel with a load indicator and an overall length of 6.53 inches. With a weight of 3.5 pounds, the size and weight make this pistol as easy to conceal as it is to shoot.

The black anodized finish with polymer grips helps to keep the pistol durable and light. The slide, small metal parts, and frame all have a parkerized finish to ensure the longevity of the parts.  The slide sports fixed-mounted sights on a dovetail cut, for ease of getting shots on target. The Li380, or Lightening 380ACP, comes from the factory with an 8-round magazine, meaning the user has an 8+1 round count for carrying.

According to the company, this is a compact powerhouse with stability and dependability you can count on in a concealed carry pistol. The double-action/single-action weapon has an adjustable 4–6-pound trigger pull weight for a clean shot.

The Rock Island Armory Li380 concealed carry pistol is available now with a price tag of $299. The Lightening 380ACP can be seen at SHOT Show at booth 13444.