[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo By: Daniel Y


TFB has covered both the Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel ammo in previous SHOT Show posts and reviews. After a recent period of absence, they are back on the scene and were once again showing off their wares at SHOT 2023.

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[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo

The most noticeable item at the booth was the Model 2 suppressor. This is a tiny little silencer utilizing wipes. Six wipes fit into the core of the silencer, and they can be packed with petroleum jelly as an additional ablative. A set of wipes lasts something like 15 rounds. Packing with petroleum jelly and spacing out the time between shots both help lengthen the life of the wipes.

[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo

[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Mk2 wipes showing increasing round counts (from left to right)

Thanks to the whims of the ATF, these little pieces of urethane are considered suppressor parts. To comply with this (wholly illogical) regulatory interpretation, the Model 2 has two modules which are functional parts of the suppressor. One of those modules can be filled with used wipes and shipped back to the manufacturer for replacement. The second module also acts as a storage device for spare wipes.

Also on display was the slide lock device. A reciprocating slide and the ejection of brass are both sources of noise with semiautomatic guns. Slide locks address these issues by making the gun a single shot. When activated, the slide cannot move.

[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo

[SHOT 2023] Slide locks visible on the slides of Glocks and the frame and slide of an M&P, which will likely be available after the Glocks

There are currently three methods for getting a slide lock from Hush Puppy. The first is sending in a Glock slide for retrofitting. This is the most affordable method and does not involve an FFL transfer. It works on any Gen 3/4/5 9mm Glock. The second method is purchasing a complete Gen 5 Glock 19 with the slide lock involved. They are a Lipseys exclusive product retailing for $1,089. The third option is a custom slide with a slide lock installed. Hush Puppy is still working on the exact details of the custom slide.

[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo

[SHOT 2023] A prototype Glock conversion slide with optics cut

Neither the silencer or slide lock will make the gun truly quiet without subsonic ammo. Super Vel produces a 158 grain 9mm load. It duplicates the Mk 144 Mod 0 load used in the original Mk 22 “hush puppy” pistols as used by the SEALs in Vietnam.

[SHOT 2023] Hush Puppy Project and Super Vel Ammo

[SHOT 2023] Super Vel Mk 144 Mod 0 subsonic 9mm ammo

Keep an eye out for pricing and availability info on the Hush Puppy website, which is currently under construction.

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