SHOT 2023: Henry Partners with Remington for 360 Buckhammer Project By: Patti Miller


Henry Firearms, in its first year at SHOT Show, has come out swinging. The company announced a partnership with Remington Ammunition for the creation of a unique round. The .360 Buckhammer (BKHM) rimmed round was designed for a straight-walled casing that is perfect for lever-action rifles and hunters that face restrictions in some middle country states. The union sounds like it was a perfect fit for both companies.

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The .360 BKHM is a .358” diameter bullet, similar to the ones found in the 35 Remington round. The first few rounds of the ammunition family will be a 180-grain soft point Core-Lokt and a 200-grain soft point Core-Lokt.

Henry/Remington 360 Buckhammer rifle and ammo
Henry Rifle has partnered with Remington Ammunition to create the 360 Buckhammer round and the matching rifles. The round will please many in the Midwest that can only hunt with a straight-walled round. (Photo credit: Henry Rifle)

The round is not compatible with other rifles or handguns made for other cartridges, so the end user will need a .360 BKHM-specific weapon. Enter Henry Rifles. The company is in the process of creating four different models of rifles for the unique round, similar to the ones in the Henry Side Gate Lever Action rifle and the H9 Henry Lever Steel models.

So why go to that extreme? Well, if you live in a state that restricts your hunting abilities to only being able to use straight-walled ammunition, this will be music to your ears. The round was designed for, as the name would imply, whacking whitetail bucks. And with the ballistics that the round has (over 1400 fps at 200 yards), it’ll give the stopping power the hunter wants. Matching that round with the precision that Henry Rifles is known for, it’s a no-brainer.

Options for 360 Buckhammer rifles
Henry has said that the options for rifles in 360 Buckhammer will be similar to the Side Gate Lever Action rifle and the Henry Lever Steel rifle models. (Photo credit: Henry Rifle)

Shooters familiar with 30-30 Winchester will find the .360 Buckhammer similar to shoot. The BKHM round was developed using the 30-30 as the parent case and going from there with some of the obvious differences.

Some have stated that the BKHM round will compete with Winchester’s other straight wall round, the .350 Legend. But with the added performance benefits of the .360 BKHM, it makes sense that deer, bear, and some hog hunters will want the performance of a larger bullet with longer-range effectiveness.

Remington’s website shows pricing for the 200-grain Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer to be under $40 for 20 rounds, but no word on pricing for the rifles.

You can check them out at SHOT Show at booth 11838 for Remington and booth 43462 for Henry.