Maven Optics and the New RS3.2 5-20×50 FFP Scope By: Steph Martz


Lander, Wyoming is a mecca for hunters and firearms enthusiasts due to its high mountains and open ranges. Many field precision matches are held within this state and many hunts are completed. Maven, a well-revered optics company headquartered in Lander, Wyoming, directly makes products for those two things. They make high-quality optics but for a lower price by cutting out the middle man and delivering directly to the consumer.

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Now, Maven has given us another great riflescope with the RS.3.2, a First Focal Plane Scope with a 5-30x magnification range and 50mm objective lens. This scope is perfect for hunters due to its capped windage turret yet fine elevation adjustments, in both MOA or MIL.


The company provides high-quality binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes and they don’t break the bank due to Maven’s unique approach to consumers. Since they provide their products direct to the consumer with no middleman, there are no price hikes. They also offer custom-built optics such as changes of colors in the body, neck strap, focusing wheel, and custom labeling.

If you’re new to Maven, no worries because they also offer a try it before you buy it demo program. This means that you can purchase a lightly used optic, test it for two weeks, and then send it back for a full refund. If you like it, you can buy a brand-new customized product, and if you don’t, nothing is lost.

ease of adjustments on the rs line of scopes. hunter wearing gloves adjusting elevation
The RS riflescopes are very conducive to adjusting while in weird positions or wearing gloves. The turrets have sharp ridges to grip and are very smooth in adjustment. The elevation turret can be raised to be unlocked and lowered to be in the locked position. The windage on the RS3.2 is capped ensuring no accidental windage adjustments are made.

The RS Line

This year at various hunting and firearm expos Maven will be highlighting a new addition to their Riflescope (RS) line. The RS line comprises of First Focal Plane (FFP) and Single Focal Plane (SFP) scopes with varying magnification. RS is a well-regarded line that has been winning many precision rifle field matches such as Competition Dynamics matches and National Rifle League Hunter matches. Hunters love them during hunts due to their ruggedness and ease of use, i.e. toolless zero adjustments.

There are many options for varying degrees of scopes all under the $2,000 price range.

  • RS.1- 2.5-15×44 FFP $1,200
  • RS.2- 2-10×38 SFP $550
  • RS.3- 5-30×50 FFP $1,200
  • RS3.2 5-20×50 FFP $1,600
  • RS.4- 5-30×56 FFP $1,800
  • RS.5- 4-24×50 SFP $1,400

Each of these scopes features clear ED glass, a smooth focus mech, precision milled adjustments, solid click detents, and durable anodizing to withstand the elements.

Also on the website is a riflescope comparison chart which gets very detailed in each scope that Maven offers. The chart shows twilight factors, light transmissions, travel elevation, and more. Maven is a very transparent company showing the consumers what their scopes are truly capable of.

Ease of Zeroing with the RS Line

The largest thing that sets this RS line apart from other high-end scopes though is the ease of adjusting the zero. Many times with high power scopes, adjusting the zero involves removing caps and having to be super careful with small tools. Any mistake could lead to a lost part or a total loss of zero.

With the RS scopes though zeroing is truly a toolless adjustment. When zeroing, let’s say the RS3.2, it is as simple as unscrewing the top elevation cap, lifting up on the outer ring, and putting the outer ring back on where you want the zero hash to land. Done, zeroed.

The only thing that does require a small Allen wrench is adjusting the zero stop. This is easy as well, though, due to simply loosening three set screws with the provided Allen wrench by maven and sliding the zero stop all the way down to the bottom of the turret base. Then rotate until the zero stop pin makes contact with the base pin and the base pin is on the left, the zero stop pin on the right.

Maven does great with including simple instructions for these steps inside the package.

The RS3.2

maven rs3.2 on a hunting stock outside
The Maven RS3.2 offers a rugged scope that has a 5-30x magnification range. A capped windage turret ensures that no accidental windage adjustments are made during your hunt. 

The Official Release

LANDER, Wyo. (Jan. 10, 2022) – Maven Outdoor Equipment Company, a Wyoming-based direct-to-consumer brand known for offering world-class optics at affordable prices, has expanded its award-winning line of premium riflescopes to introduce the RS3.2. Based on the brand’s popular RS.3, the new RS3.2 has expanded upon the original model’s design to broaden its offering within the RS Series line-up.

The RS3.2 features a 5-30x magnification range on a 50mm objective lens and introduces a larger, more tactile elevation turret in addition to an internal and toolless zero-stop to offer precise dialing and adjustment capabilities. Maven also incorporated end-user feedback to include a new capped windage turret. “We’re always looking to improve products and enhance our offering,” said Brendon Weaver, Co-Founder and Head of Design/Marketing for Maven. “For the RS3.2 we worked with experienced hunters and recreational shooters to incorporate new features onto an already high-performing scope to give customers another great option for long-range pursuits.”

Like all riflescopes in the brand’s premium RS Series, RS3.2 also features crystal clear ED glass for tack-sharp clarity in addition to a silky focus mechanism, precision-milled adjustments, solid click detents, and durable anodizing to resist heavy use. With an expansive magnification range, detailed MOA or MIL reticles, side parallax adjustment, and custom turret options, the RS3.2 is a robust first focal plane scope designed for long-range hunters and shooters.

Thanks to Maven’s direct-to-consumer business model it offers great value ($1,600) on a scope that provides precision, accuracy, and reliability for long-range performance, all qualities Maven is known for.To learn more visit” -Maven Optics

Maven RS3.2
The Maven RS3.2 is the latest scope in the RS line which offers both FFP and SFP scopes in both MOA and MIL. The RS3.2 offers more elevation adjustments and a capped windage turret. The adjustments are easy both on magnification, parallax, and all turrets due to the ridged turret caps.


  • Price: 1,600
  • Reticle Options: SHR-W (MOA), MOA-2 (MOA), SHR-MIL (MIL)
  • Colors: Black, Black/Grey, Custom
  • Weight (without battery):27.8oz / 789g
  • Travel Elevation: 80MOA/23MIL
  • Travel Windage: 50MOA/14.8 MIL
  • Parallax Adjustment: 20y-Infinity
  • Functional Temperature: -4F degrees-158F degrees

Noticed Improvements

Looking at the RS3 vs the RS3.2 as far as differences and improvements, what needs to be focused on are the elevation and windage turrets. The Elevation turret on the RS3.2 is definitely improved. It offers more precise adjustments. Those adjustments are also easier to see as the turret is taller and numbers are easier to read.

The windage turret is capped on the RS3.2. This is something that hunters are very appreciative of due to often not needing to put wind into the gun but instead just holding the wind into the optic. This is due to the wind often changing. If the user does want to put wind into the gun, simply unscrew the cap and adjust the knob. The only thing that the cap does is protect the knob from unnecessarily moving. Hunters are often moving their firearm around getting into a tree stand or into their position on a mountain. If there is no need for windage adjustments on the fly, why not cover it up?

Maven did great in improving their current line and giving the consumer what they truly want. An upgraded version of the RS.3, FFP, high magnification scope that won’t break the bank.