Magpul Ups the Game For Travel Cases  By: Dr LateBloomer


Heck, I don’t think this is upping the game so much as rewriting the entire playbook.

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Anyone who has ever struggled to use the same travel case foam for different long guns will tell you that it is a giant pain. But it’s either that, or buy different foam for every firearm and then cut it individually to fit- which ain’t cheap – especially when it’s “only” foam.

But especially if you are flying, there isn’t a lot of choice if you don’t want TSA gorillas destroying your prized gear. I’ve personally had this problem several times – trying to make an AR-308 fit into the foam originally cut for an AR-15 – and vice versa.

But Magpul has changed the rules with the innovative Daka Grid case organizer. The idea is that there are individual lego-like foam blocks which interlock into almost unlimited configurations to allow you to completely customize how you want your firearm and gear to fit into your hard-sided case. But once that’s done, it’s not permanent like it is for picking or cutting foam. You can put your steak knives away. This system is able to be endlessly recustomized and reconfigured for what ever gear or accessories you’ll be taking along, and wherever you are going.

See? Legos!
Fits right in!

The rep informed me that for now the inserts will be available for various Pelican cases, but Magpul’s own cases are in the pipe for this. Additionally, even more foam accessories are coming soon to even further individualize your storage and travel preferences. This system is pure genius and I wonder why no one has thought of it before.

Easier to see than to explain.

I will likely be pretty far down the list for a professional demo, but I’m telling you right now this is something I will be spending my own money on and I’ll be raving about it until I do!