A Prototype Roller-Delayed 5.56: The PTR 63 — SHOT Show 2023 By: Riley Baxter

The PTR 63, as seen on the SHOT Show floor.

The PTR 63 is a new prototype roller-delayed weapon chambered in 5.56 that will hopefully be available around June of this year.

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PTR is a clone manufacturer based in our very own Aynor, South Carolina. They have been producing great products for over 15 years.

I see their PTR 63 as an HK93 “clone-ish” because of the way PTR has mixed and mingled aspects of an AR15 with the classic HK platform to yield a rifle that is a modern take on a classic model.

The upper is reminiscent of an HK 93 rifle with its roller-delayed blowback action, but the lower has a few tweaks that will be appreciated by the end user.

The controls on the PTR 63 are rather intuitive, but the bolt-stop is a unique addition to this platform.

The PTR63 has a side-charging handle that is non-reciprocating and can be locked open and slapped shut like many iconic HK weapons.

Thanks to some changes in the lower, though, the gun features last round bolt hold open and a bolt-stop similar to what would be found on an AR15. Speaking of, it should be said that the AR15 is likely the most ergonomic rifle platform in the world, and the PTR 63 will benefit from using an AR-style grip that can be mixed and matched by the user if desired.

Even still, it gets better. This rifle accepts AR15 magazines, making it cheap and convenient to stock up. You probably even already have a few laying around.

And last, but not least, the PTR 63 has an AR buffer tube which is not required for operation but enables the mounting of AR-style stocks. Both the grip and buttstock that come on the 63 are made by Hogue.

A Hogue stock comes on the PTR 63.

A few other noteworthy features of the PTR 63 include an HK-style trigger mechanism, M-LOK handguard, 1/2″x28 TPI threaded muzzle, and a rotating rear peep sight with labeled yardages.

Because this rifle is a prototype, changes are still being made. But it currently comes in at around 8 lbs and has a projected MSRP of around $1,700.00. Check out PTR‘s website to learn more.

A flash hider comes on the threaded muzzle and the front sight is the classic HK design.

Specifications and Features:

  • MSRP ~$1,700.00
  • available mid-year
  • roller-delayed blowback operation
  • Hogue AR15 grip
  • Hogue buttstock
  • M-LOK handguard
  • takes AR15 magazines
  • 1/2″x28 TPI threaded muzzle
  • 16″ barrel
  • ~8 pound weight

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More pictures:

The rear sight is adjustable with a small thumbscrew.
A look at the bolt face.
The charging handle in the locked-back position.

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