Video: Suspect takes control of Ind. cop’s TASER, discharges it during struggle By:


By Ashley Silver

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — An Indiana officer was assaulted with his own TASER after pulling over a suspect who drove through a stop sign.

14 News reported that an Evansville police officer pulled over suspect Robert Medlock near a front yard after he ran a stop sign and failed to signal a turn. Upon searching Medlock, the officer located a small jar with what he identified as methamphetamine. Realizing that he would be arrested, Medlock bolted on foot, ignoring the officer’s commands to put his hands behind his back.

The officer managed to wrestle him to the ground, where they struggled over the officer’s TASER, with Medlock eventually taking control of it. Medlock then discharged the TASER, hitting the officer in the ear before running toward a nearby garage occupied by numerous people.

Backup arrived soon after and Medlock was arrested on charges of battery and disarming and resisting law enforcement. He also faces a charge of battery with a deadly weapon, possession of meth, confinement, burglary and obstruction of justice.

The officer suffered puncture wounds to his ear, several cuts and bruises and a chipped tooth during the incident.