SIG’s New P320 AXG Legion Comp — SHOT Show 2023 By: Mitchell Graf

SIG’s New 9mm P320 AXG Comp Legion 

SIG Sauer launched its P320 AXG Legion Comp this week. Chambered in 9mm, this new variant builds upon SIG’s established lineup of Legion pistols but this model offers a unique twist.

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Featuring a “Slide Integrated Expansion Chamber,” the P320 AXG Legion Comp directs gasses upward to act as an integral compensator built right into the slide of the pistol.

This is SIG’s first time incorporating this technology into a full-sized pistol. It first debuted with the P365 Spectre Comp.

The expansion chamber provides nearly as much recoil reduction as compensators while maintaining a smaller, sleeker profile. According to the SIG rep, this expansion chamber is also less ammo sensitive and can run everything from “115gr to the really hot +P stuff.”

Slide Integrated Expansion Chamber.

Featuring a 3.9″ barrel and a 4.7″ slide, this is an accurate and smooth-shooting full-sized pistol. It comes with a large flared magwell which really helps speed up reloads without adding much overall width to the bottom of the frame. 

Flared Maxwell for aiding in quick reloads.

Coming optic cut from the factory, this pistol is built for the modern era. Another neat feature is a skeletonized trigger which looks cool and has a pull weight of around 3.5-5lbs. 

The AXG designation stands for “Alloy X-Grip.” The P320-AXG Legion Comp utilizes an all-aluminum frame while maintaining compatibility with the previous X-grip modules. This also means that this new pistol will fit any holster that works with a standard full-sized P320.

The metal frame gives an overall solid feel to this platform and when combined with the integral ported slide, creates a flat shooting pistol. The recoil impulse for the P320-AXG Legion Comp is quick, yet soft.

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting steel at 10-50 yards with the few mags of ammo I was able to put through this handgun.  

Riley Baxter putting a few rounds downrange with the Sig P320-AXG Legion Comp. 

SIG is aiming to have the P320 AXG Legion Comp available and shipping in March. It should retail for around $1,400. While I was only able to put a few mags worth of ammo through this pistol, we will be doing a full review here at GunsAmerica Digest as well so stay tuned! 

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